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Monday, May 20, 2013

Brick By Brick / My Aunt's Minis

I decided to try my hand again with the Magic Brick. Apparently I need to have more patience and take my time. Blah Blah Blah.

Side of the Leon Gothic Victorian Mansion. I did do this in sections. While waiting for the mortar mix to dry I decided the look of the siding on the third level was not working for me. With my left over mix was used to start covering the siding. I am hoping this will be a scale stucco look.

You can clearly tell where I did not have the tape adhered well to the house.

While the next section was drying, I took a toothpick and started applying white paint to correct my grout lines.

This section will need some work also.

Progress overall view. Once complete I will dry brush white paint over the bricks. I am undecided what color to paint the stucco yet.

As I have mentioned, my Great Aunt recently passed away. While my cousins were sorting out her belongs, they found some miniatures that they gave to me.

She had a glass Christmas room box tucked away that needs some TLC.

I removed all the loose accessories to get a good view of her display and layout.  There are only a few minor changes I plan for this box.

The flickering flame in the fireplace no longer works, but the tree does light up. I carefully removed the fireplace without ruining the paper and moved it off center to the right. I am going to cut out the black area of the wall and make a firebox.

One of the many pieces of her collection that caught my eye was this screen. How cool is this?  I may have to make a small room box to display this piece.

I also found a her painting that she did in miniature. I will be able to use that in her cabin.


  1. The Christmas room is beautiful. The chinese screen is exquisite and the little painting is a real treasure. Your cousins were right to give you these miniautres where they'll be best displayed.
    Hugs, Drora

  2. Im sorry to hear about your Aunt but those are some great finds, that screen is awesome


  3. la verdad es que a mi lo que mas me fastidia es tener que esperar a que se seque la pintura o bien el pegamento, pero creo que estas haciendo un gran trabajo ,esa escenita que has heredado estara muy bien con un par de retoques



  4. The bricks are perfect.
    I like the chinese screen and the Christmas scene is fantastic.
    Bye, Faby