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Friday, December 2, 2016

Crazy Cat Lady

While sorting through all my accessories, I realized Koda and I have collected quit a few cat pieces that needed homes.
Placing cats is an awful task, so we needed to find one home for all of them.

One less cat to place?

Instead of tossing him aside, I decided to set up a quick repair room.
After saving the cats life, I propped him in Koda's litter box she got from our friend to dry.
Also glued legs back on a chest, cookies back on to a tray and some smaller pieces back on a shelf.

Target has a small section of shadow boxes for around $10.

I stained the exterior and the floor and put up some pink wallpaper that I had on hand.
Still need to clean up the edges of the paper, but overall this turned out OK.

When I was sorting through my wallpapers, I found a couple full sheets of neutral paper.
Figured I could throw them up in the Thanksgiving display. The previous paper had glue stains in the corners.

This was the picture I was going to display for the post, but then I realized that the baseboards should be dry by now and I could get a better picture.

Wait!! I can't move!! My Fitbit is on the charger!
Gasp!! Almost moved without getting credit for it!

New paper with the new baseboards from Hobby Lobby. I love that these came already white.

Also added boards to the Easter Kitchen.

Put up my fancy new baseboards in the nursery of Grandma's house.

Baseboard on the left wall is just tacked in, until I can decide on a paper for the hallway.

Remember the kitchen in Grandma's house?
The overbearing blue counter had to go.

Much better.
The photo makes these counters look darker than what they really are ~
Kinda like the camera makes me look 10 pounds heavier?

Would ya look at that face!?
My grandson enjoying playing with the barn. 

For Thanksgiving Dakoda and I drove down to Texas to spend a week with my Dad.
Isn't he adorable?


We took our time getting back to Michigan, stopping off to visit Elvis in Graceland.
We also we to the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the best -
the Johnny Cash museum. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

A little of this, a lot of that

Once upon a time I was given my Great Aunt's Santa roombox.
Santa and his friend  have been sitting high up on a shelf for almost 4 years.
I already have two Christmas mini scenes, and this one just does not speak to me.
Because it was my aunts, I hemmed and hawed about changing it. 
It could sit high up on the shelf, or the room box could be used and the accessories incorporated into other scenes.

Koda put this scene together for me 2 years ago. 
She used to play the cello, but has since moved on to the viola.
If we move the music room to the smaller roombox, then my Dad can take over the space in the music room.

Redid the floor, fresh paper on the wall and brightened up the paint.

Koda bought a Bespaq piece at a miniature show a while back.
When I did the dry fit, I noticed a piece of the chair was missing.

Just so happens I saved the piece that broke off - not knowing what it went to.

Not to shabby, huh?
Would have been awesome if I had put the piano bench in before I screwed the top on.

Moving on...

Corner room box dilemma solved.

Axing out the patriot room scene.

Now don't anyone get their panties in a bunch.
This has nothing to do with the election and all the political BS that is going on.
The piece was too tall for short people and too short for tall people.
The pieces removed can also be incorporated into other scenes. 

Better! More manageable size. Needs to be tweaked, but I think it will work.
Sitting here looking at it, I am thinking it would be pretty simple to add some lights to this scene.

The accessories I removed from my aunt's room box, I put a lot of them in Mr. & Mrs. Claus's house.

I think Santa is going to pass on the milk and cookies.
Can you blame him? After dealing with a world full of ungrateful kids, I don't think milk will do the trick. Santa will stick to the Jack that he is hiding from Mrs. Clause.

Been working on Grandma's house.
Dressing up the exterior some.

Call me cheap, thrifty, poor - whatever.
I bought a large roll of contact paper.
A whopping $8 later...

This might work after a little nip/tuck.
Good enough for who its for - me.

The kitchen is OK - but that counter! Yikes.
If you look closely - you might notice there is not a stove.

Unfortunately the cabinets are attached in, so I had to tape around them to protect the wallpaper.

The island will be altered to add a stove.

This really sucks

So I took them all out to spray.
Not sure yet how they turned out...
stay tuned

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

For Sale By Owner

Isn't she a beaut?
I purchased the Rye Milled Dollhouse Kit last summer from Happily Ever After.
My friend tried to discourage me from purchasing it, as she knew I would have buyers remorse.
Problem is, my friend owns the shop. She really does make a horrible sales person. 
Fact is - don't have buyers remorse, and if I did, I wouldn't admit to it.

I have always admired this unique house. 
She deserves better than being tucked away in a closet.

Seems silly to share on my blog that I am selling this house, as very few followers live near me.

Next week I am traveling to Texas to see my Dad. 
By the off chance anyone is interested, and lives near the route between Michigan and Texas, this might work.
I am asking $300 for the house. 

Over the past year and a half, I have only managed to stain the floors, put wallpaper in the living room, and hang a moose head.

The windows are not glued in yet, so it will make it easier to apply wallpaper to the second floor.

 Funky shaved cat negotiable.