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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Making Glenwood Great Again!

Ahhh yes. The good ole days. The mighty Glenwood stood broad and strong. 
Well, shit happens and things change.
I miss the yard with the pond and willow tree. The over all scene was eye catching - to me anyways.

Before my multiple moves and demolitions to the house, I had electrical. 
Let me tell ya - that was sharp.

 From beauty to this

Even setting the porch roof in place and covering up the base, 
sometimes you just can't fix ugly.  No matter how hard you try to cover it up or overlook it, the ugly is still there.  

Now what?
Original plan was to just find a sturdy, used coffee table to set the house back on.

Instead, I removed the basement that was home to the billiards room and boys bedroom. 
I see another room box  or two in my future.

The wheels were useless on the carpet, so that rig job was also removed .

Time to build a wall.
More like raise the roof -- the porch roof.

With great care, the porch spindles were packed away for a few years. 
More like they were tossed in in box during a mad rush to move.

It has been like a puzzle trying to salvage them.  I could purchase new posts and railings, but I would rather have a room box when the times comes.
One section at time, I have been able to piece them together and paint them the current color scheme. 

Always nice to have some help.

She doesn't appear to look top-heavy anymore.
Maybe beige table skirt for the base?

My turtle also likes checking up on the Glenwood. 

Friday, January 6, 2017


Decided to rearrange my miniatures last month - across town and into an apartment.
I don't have a designated mini room anymore, so they are scattered about the new place.

My Grandma used her house she made as a TV stand. 
Now I am.
One difference -  I don't have a box TV.

Dining room now have some vignettes.
Barn carefully tossed into a tote of toys that my grandson plays with.

Even the bathroom has a scene to admire -  
if you are not too distracted by the ugly peacock.

Heading upstairs are a couple more displays.

Along with some dolls Grandma made.

The goldfish that were supposed to be turtle food that are now
pets get to admire the underside of the half scale Victorianna.

Don't worry - I still have Ben.
He enjoys looking out at the frozen pond.

The Great Glenwood survived the move - mostly.
My reinforced base isn't so reinforced anymore.

Besides being ugly, it is wobbly. 
I planned on putting a skirt around it to hide the ugly, but I think I am just going to have to ditch the basement and find a sturdy coffee table that I won't hack up.
Besides - if history repeats itself, I will be moving in approximately 9 months, right?
Just kidding...I hope.

Jumping to the apartment for just a bit 

No painting, no changing out lights, no altering the kitchen...
No No No
But I can hang pictures and posters.
Dining room before:

Check out this poster!
Yes, it is wallpaper.
I used staples and double sided tape.
How fricking cool is that?

Back to minis -
I put  my holiday mini scene in the dining room. 
It is probably not the best place for it, but I am running out of corners.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Topsy Turvy

I said upside down your turning me...

To tidy things up, we need to turn them upside down.

I really loved my Grandma's house when she was in her glory.

Not only did Grandma's smoking destroy her body, it destroyed her hobby.
Now if her doctor would have told her 'Mrs. Holmes, even though you are sneaking outside to smoke, somehow that smoke is getting into your home and will cause long term, catastrophic damage to your miniatures' she would have stopped immediately.  OK, maybe not. But if she would have known she was missing out watching her 3 great-grandsons grow up, and meeting her great-grand daughter that shares her name, she would of thought twice. 
BAH - enough of that!

Anyway - the smoke damage is ultimately why Grandma's house is going through an ongoing makeover.  

I flipped the house upside down to paint the ceilings.  I actually found that using ceiling paint for a ceiling in a dollhouse is awesome.  

It was easier to reach to wallpaper the living room with the house still upside down.

Also the light dried easier this way.
Yes, lights. People glass over when you talk about miniatures, but if you mention that the house has electrical,...well, it is no longer a toy, but a hobby.
(so we claim)

Believe it or not, I still have the transformer that was used for the Glenwood.

Instead of having a lead wire and junction splice, why couldn't the lights all just be hooked up to the transformer? (seriously - I am asking) I plan on having Grandma's dollhouse on a timer to turn the lights on every evening automatically.

Grandma's house has a false back, so I can easily run the wire to the back and hide the transformer.
The wire should reach, and if not I can pick up some wire to extend it.

Now that the paper is up, I can glue the moose head on the wall.
Whoops - wrong side.

From the pictures above, you can tell the bottom is not finished off. 
This time, I laid the house on her back to use the contact paper to wrap the bottom.
Glue was helpful.

Still lots of work to do, but the house should be able to stay upright.

Living room is presentable. Crown moldings and trim can be done later. I need an accessory to set on floor to hide where the carpet is missing. Brief case maybe?

 So far, so good. I made a throw from some material Keli gave me about 5 years ago.
She lives so close - not sure why we don't get together more often.

My full scale Rotty with my half scale Rotty.
I think I am going to keep them here.

Flashback - Grandma's house a few weeks ago.

That gawd awful pink has to go!

This paper was sent to me as an error. I wanted to get paper for my Dad's room box.
After looking at this one in person, I decided just to keep it and order Dad's paper when I am able to work on his room.
Can you see a difference?

The afghan is one that Grandma made. I also have one for my real life bed.
In order for it to lay nicely, I cut the blanket it half.
Now there are two!

Almost forgot to do the attic wall.

Can't seam to part with the bear rug - another mini that was my Grandma's 
The attic makes a nice home. 

Carpeted 2 other bedrooms.
Eventually that green will go.

Found a little bear in my bin of goodies.
Not sure where he came from, but I know where he is going!

Just need to give him eyes and clean his ears.

I noticed the destroyed wallpaper when I loaded my pictures. 

Nothing a house can't hide!

Sloppily added garland to the half scale Victorianna.

Koda bought this clock when we were up north. I do like it, but it seems to have an antique look that I could do without.

Starting to brighten up some of the paint.
Worked on the blue in the sailboat. 
Can you tell? Besides the change in time, I can't tell...

This is my Otterbox.
Pretty boring, huh?

Keli gave me this wallpaper the last time I saw her. My Grandma had this same paper in her dollhouse.

Not to shabby, huh?