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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Brave or Stupid?

On to the roof!

Should have this house finished soon for my great niece.

My friend made a comment that I am so brave for spraying the house after the interior is completed.
Brave? I think stupid is more like it.

All taped off and ready to spray

Crap - forgot to add the last 2 shingles.

Now ready to spray

First coat complete.

I didn't get a chance to take photos outside of the completed roof. BF and I had to quickly rescue it from a thunderstorm.
I am pretty certain our home owners insurance wouldn't cover water damage.

Once I removed all the paper, there were a couple areas on the foundation that missed the spray.

I sprayed the textured paint inside the lid, then dabbed it on the missed areas.
Easy enough fix.


I removed the acrylic from the windows so little hands can reach through if she wanted to.

Welcome mat, her house numbers and a fresh plant to make it homey.

I have some furniture and a few accessories for her, but they need to be tweaked to be more appealing to a little girl.

 On a side note -
I cut down a lot of branches and 5 trees.  
One branch  was hanging over our fence and on our pine tree needed to come down, but was out of my reach.

This is another Brave or Stupid example

BF helping
Do you think this is why women live longer than men?
At least he didn't get covered in poison ivy like I did.

Check out  Lori's blog!
I am her non-shopper Michigan friend!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Almost done!

As long as I don't look again at the interior closely,  I can consider it done.
Unfortunately, I  did not take any updated photos before I took the house outside to spray.

At least it is nice outside that I can spray the foundation in my back yard.

Now to impatiently wait for this to dry.
Tomorrow I should be able to spray the roof.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Purple Overload!

 Progress is being made on the house I am giving to my great niece, Brae.

When I started to re-do the house I figured all I really needed to do was just re-paper the bedroom to something more fun - kid like, and paint the exterior purple.

While painting the exterior, I noticed the paper stone foundation was starting to peel away.
Truthfully, I could have re-glued it down. 
Eh - I will just peel it all off and use the Make It Stone paint.

House wasn't  very secure. 
Easy fix.

Bedroom in progress of make-over

I used scrapbook paper for wallpaper - which tears easily when you try to apply it. To prevent that from happening I put a coat of Mod Podge on it.

The papers did not match exactly, so the seam is visible. 

Almost finished.
Just need to finish papering the half wall.

Bathroom before

I removed the bathroom set. Brae would probably want to rearrange the pieces.
I am hoping to match paint to the paper where the wallpaper pulled off.

Kitchen before

Why do I only have the precut trim pieces for the right side?

Living room before

I like using towels for carpet. The flat part of the towel makes a great stair runner.

All that work on the runner and you can't even see it!

Once I add the last pieces of trim, spray the roof and foundation the house will be good to go.

Next week my mom and I are heading down to VA to pick up my daughter. 
Do you know what/who is on the way back?
Lori and her girls from Happily Ever After!

I am going to have to force myself to make a visit.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Every Little Girl Needs A Dollhouse

We all know that I make some pretty cute kids. So do my sisters.
So of course I have a boat load of adorable nieces and nephews.

This is my great niece Brae. She will be 5 in September. 

Here is the boat load of offspring, and one more on the way to add to our collection soon.
My 3 boys are missing.

I felt bad that I have just kept the half finished RGT Bungalow tucked away in the closet, screaming for attention.

UGH! Did I really offer to part with it? 
Giving it up to a family member is not the issue.

Shingles! Shingles are the issue.
Isn't there a vaccine that can do shingles for me now?

I didn't overlap then like I normally would. There was only one bag that came with the kit, and I needed to stretch them out.

Again - shingles suck -
off to make a lighter purple paint for the exterior of the house.
Purple is Brae's favorite color.

House was blue before it was cream.

Having a cat lay on the roof  that you are trying to shingle does pose some problems.

Shingles are done - except for the roof ridge cap. 
Once all the glue is dry, I will paint the roof black. 
Once the paint is dry, I can have Brae pick a roof color - black, brown or dark grey.
I like to spray the roof with the Kyrlon's Make It Stone. It's easy, and gives it a variation of color like real shingles do.

This is pre-Brae.
House does look good - for an adult.
This would not be a fun house for a little person.
I need to make her first house fun.

I plan to go to Joanne's to check out their scrap book papers. 
I have seen a lot of cute papers that would be fun for a little person, yet still be scale to keep my 1:12 friends happy.

The kitchen is ok, but I am not opposed to funning it up for her.
But I am most certain Brae would want baseboards and trim around her doors.

I love this bathroom and would like to keep it the paper. The only little person problem is that the pieces are glued down. I am going to try to remove them so she can re-arrange the pieces.
Never know when you may need a tub in the bathroom!

If Brae does not become the dollhouse obsessed person like I am, she could always give the house to my other niece when she gets older.
Might just have to make another house.

 Lilo is always close by.