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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Irritating Little Bricks

Today I finished up bricking the Leon's house using the Magic Brick. I used 3 small packages of the brick. There were not any problems until the third pack was used. The adhesive tape was not very adhesive and the brick color was not the same as the first 2 packs.

Started a white wash to help fade things down.

Current front view.
 (wiped the heavier white spots down after photo was loaded)

Unfortunately the wash did not help at all with the color variation. I have one more unopened package of the mortar mix that I can check the color on. If it is like the rest, I can touch up the side. If it doesn't match, I will have to try to find some paint to blend it.


  1. Gee, How annoying, I hope you can get it to match as the rest looks so good.

  2. That is so disappointing! I hope you can find a solution.

  3. Ugh! So Sorry!
    I can sympathize with how frustrated you must be after all that work. I hope you can figure a way to fix it!
    Best Wishes (and Good Luck!)

  4. Oh no! That is annoying. You might have to repaint all your bricks. That would be an enormous job on that house. I hope you find an easier solution. Good luck!

  5. how annoying! I hate when things like that happen, I hope the other batch is better.


  6. Oh, it can not have been fun to discover that the bricks had different colors. It becomes a lot more work then. Hope you can fix it, because it's so neat with this type of wall! The house itself is so nice!

    Lil on Lilsdolls

  7. Going to have to paint each brick individually! Guess that will give me something to do, huh?