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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mansion Kitchen & Dining Room

I don't have much to show for not updating in 2 weeks. Been busy on other projects.

Made some progress on the Wine box my friend Lee got me for Christmas.
Papered the walls and added some posters.

A wine menu to the left.
On the back wall the top poster says "WINE! How classy people get wasted"
Below that "Squeeze me; Stomp me; Make me wine"

The poster on the left is a wine advertisement from Texas.
(my Dad lives in Texas. So does my friend Julie)

Put some flooring down in the dining room. I do like the floor, but I don't like how I pieced it together. Looks choppy. The border is actually sitting on top of the floor, which shows a white edge going around.
I will probably redo this. If I am not pleased with it now, it will bother me even more later.

Finished tiling the kitchen. The base tile is higher up off the ground,but I wanted the top row of tiles to line up with the tiles on the back splash. I will put a wood baseboard up to fill in the gap.
  I really like the window trim that comes with this kit.

Will need to somehow trim off the cabinet tiles where it meets up with the wall tiles.

I am not very big on the sappy Valentines day hype, but I did pick up chocolate for my kids.
I found chocolate golf balls for Clayton, my golfer. Koda was happy with any type of chocolate. But I had a hard time trying to find something for Carter that matched his personality, until I found this muscle chocolate man. The box read "the perfect man, sweet and rich." Not very appropriate to give my son, but I knew I could do something with it.

I bought some baking white chocolate and added food coloring to make it orange.
 (learned later that this granulates the chocolate and made it clumpy, but I made it work)
I added it to the man to copy Carter's wrestling singlet and printed the Viking logo from the school.
Of course, he wouldn't eat it until the season was over then he shared it with a fellow team mate.

My weekends this past month have mainly been wrestling meets then editing all the pictures I take of the kids. Of course I have always photographed my son, but a few of the other kids have asked if I could get pictures of their matches also. I started photographing each kids match and posting them on a
facebook page for them to view. Photographing in a gym is tricky. Pictures are getting better, but I need a little bit better lens on my Nikon so they are not so grainy.

Season is over now - so back to mini weekends again!


  1. Love the wrestling dude and your kitchen is looking superb!

  2. Love the way the tile in the kitchen looks!
    Have a good week!


  3. me gustan los progresos que estas haciendo en la casita y me parece muy bonito lo que has hecho por tu hijo con el chocolate



  4. Hi, I think that you have done a great job. Both the kitchen and the diningroom is very good looking.
    Fun with the chocolate man.

    Lil in Sweden

  5. Que casa más bonita te está quedando. Puedes poner un montón de muebles. He estado visitando tu blog y es maravilloso. Buen trabajo. Ya tienes una seguidora nueva. Un abrazo

  6. I agree with matching the backsplash to the wall. Everything is coming along very nicely.
    That chocolate man looks pretty tasty from here. Nice of you to personalize it like that!