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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mini Madness Weekend

Spent some time this weekend doing things I have been putting off.
Keep in mind - there is still a lot of work and finishing touches that are needed.

Half scale Victorianna


(need to dress up the dryer before I add it in)

I am really happy how this SDK set coming out.

Made a lot of food for the shelves.
Wine bottles do not fit in the cubbys to the right - not sure what to put there.

Master bedroom:
Will try to make curtains and dress the bed.

Overall view:

Front of house
I am not happy at all with the House Works latex brick sheets. They don't stick with a darn.
I won't buy them again

I think the roof needs to extend across the tower, right?

Vote for Otterine!!

(subliminal message)

Half scale Chantilly:
Made a plant for the porch.

Used a bead finding for the pot.

My friend mailed me some Polly Pocket shoes. At first I didn't think I would use them, but I gave it a shot anyway. I glued them all down to some balsa wood so they wouldn't moved when they were painted.

The ballerina slippers are hardly ever used - they are tucked by the purses.

I loved the rubber boot and still wanted to place it in the house. It is lost under the bed - the other boot may be hiding under there also.

Dress boot and sandals

Dress shoes left by the front door.
The kitten is getting cozy in the chair.

Made some shelves in place of upper cabinets. This shelf will eventually hold plates and glasses.
I would like to find some of the saucers from the Chrysbon plate sets. They make great half scale plates.
If anyone has any to spare - let me know!!

Empty grocery bag left on the floor, with some more items to take care of.
Have not decided if I will add more food to this shelf yet.

My boys playing video games in the basement.
Make room for the dogs!!


  1. OMGosh! Why didn't you remind me to send you some saucers? I know I have 4 around here somewhere. So sorry I forgot! I will send them out tomorrow!
    Love the plant by the front door! Cute!
    And doesn't your shop you always order from that sells 1/2" scale stuff have curtains so you don't have to make them?
    And why doesn't your wine bottle fit in the space? Too short? Too long? Too fat?
    Love the subliminal message by the way. LOL

  2. This is coming along so beautifully. Charming!


  3. I love that you use a lot of texture. The wallpaper in each room really set them off.
    I agree the roof should extend across the tower.
    Really like the kitchen at the top of the page. Cute!