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Friday, March 8, 2013

Soups On!

My package from Happily Ever After came just in time for the weekend. (my weekends are 3 days)
 The stain smells up the house to much to use when my husband is home, so I had to improvise.

In a mixing bowl I whisked together water, some brown paint and a pinch of cream paint.

These half sale shingles are so small! 

2 bags of shingles were then added.

Manually mixing well, I made sure all the ingredients were turned up from the bottom of the mixing bowl.

Using my visual taste test - my dish seemed to bland and soft for what I was looking for.
 I needed a more aged texture.

A splash of black was added to the mixing bowl.

Again -  stirred well.

I spread out the mixture on a baking pan. Normally I would heat at 350 for 10 minutes. Because of the odor the ingredients will put out, I will be patient and let this batch air dry.

Along with my shingles, HEA also sent the rugs I ordered.
This is perfect for the kitchen. Things are starting to come together.

I love this pink rug, but I think it is to much pink for the room. It can always be used in the little girls room in my Victorianna.

I ordered this rug also, but now that it is in the room, I am thinking the room needs a longer runner with colors other than pink - but soft colors.
I have already emailed HEA to see if she could send me pictures of more rugs.
 The ones they sent I will definitely keep! They are adorable!

In my junk/scrap wood pile, I found a piece that I was able to cut down to make a foundation.

Did you vote today?? Hurry!! Go vote for Otterine!!

So proud of my kid! This is Carter - with that charming personality - receiving his award for wrestling. 
He now has wrestled Varsity for his freshman and sophomore years. 

Little Luna is not so little anymore!

 Some folks told me that they were unable to comment on my last post.
I believe the settings should allow you to comment again.


  1. Lookin' good. Nice to have a 3 day weekend!

  2. I am really hungry, so randomly that bowl of shingles made me want cereal! Lol. I know Brae tried to respond to say thank you, but her comment got lost in the matrix. The house is looking great! Love it!

    1. I hope your cereal tasted better than my bowl of shingles!!!

      Brae was able to send me a email and I changed the settings back on my comments - I still get all the spam, but at least I can delete it before it is published.

  3. Cinnamon almond crunch... HAAAAAAAA! It's amazing how something like an accent rug can change the feel of a room. :]

  4. felicita a tu hijo de mi parte , esa perrita esta muy grande ya , me parece una gran idea lo de teñir asi las tejas,creo que quedaran geniales ,y las alfombras son preciosas



  5. Your rugs are wonderful, especially the pink one.
    Luna is adorable.
    Bye Faby

  6. Funny, I also was thinking about cereal. The shingles are going to look great! Congrats Carter!