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Sunday, March 10, 2013

King's Corner

I am really trying to keep the Chantilly girly and feminine, but that is such a stretch for me.
Girly and feminine I am not.

One thing I am is a HUGE Stephen King fan. I plan to have as many King books for this young female owner to read. The artwork on the wall is from his book Duma Key painted by King's character Edgar Freemantle. On the end table the owner is reading The Dome - a very hard book to put down. It is surprising that she is not still sitting there curled up in her blanket from Keli.
(material was a gift from Keli that I am using part of for a blanket)

On the floor thrown in the corner is her finished book IT. Sticking out is a $20 bill that she is trying to hide. Who would look in such a scary place? A sketch pad is lost under the end table.

On the dresser is King's book 11-25-63. Interesting read, especially if you are a history buff.

One more shelf was added for storage with 3 other King books.

I was not happy with the porch door that was in there. This screen door looks much better. 
Obviously I still need to clean it up and trim it out. 

For the books that are more on display I have been using the inexpensive bulk books as fillers. Cut to fit! 

Yesterday Dakoda and I went to Muriel's Doll House shop in Plymouth MI. (the store does not have a website for me to link to). I drove there specifically to pick up some trim, but I was so distracted by some other nice finds, that I forgot to grab the trim! Isn't that how it always works?
These are all half scale items. Love the pot, and was so excited to see the koi pond!

Along with my half scale items, I found this great full scale wine/cheese basket for my display Lee made me, and Dakoda wanted this bird feeder for her yard.  There were a few items that I wished I should have picked up - might have to make the drive next weekend to grab them!

I am so glad I bought the basket. I knew I would regret it if I had not have picked it up.

I tucked the lid behind the basket so the signs on the wall can still be read easily.

I need to fill the nook still with wine bottles and some nice glasses.

I added some 'dirt' to the flower pots. The yellow pot is the 'before' picture and the red is the 'after'.

Loving this!! Overall front view of my modified half scale Chantilly.

Wait! What is that hidden there?
Just little Ricky Raccoon peaking out from the bush!

Exterior view of the new porch door.

Much like my real life house - there is a map on the wall in the living room. My dad is a freshly retired trucker. For the past 18 years I have always had a US map on my wall so my kids could see what state Grandpa was in. Found the globe at Hobby Lobby half off - just a nice touch to clutter things up.
(need to repair some wallpaper)

My friend Kim sent me a bunch of Polly Pocket items at my request. I hung the hat on the bed post, but later removed it. Dakoda said the scale was too big. Good eye for a 10 year old. Going to paint it a lighter color and take the photo at a different angle - maybe that will help with the scale.
Thanks for the goodies Kim!!
If anyone would like to part with Polly Pocket accessories feel free to send them my way!

Added some mail and cash on the counter.

Home for the blocks in the half scale Victorianna.

The train also went into the Victorianna.

The pot is in the Victorianna's kitchen.

Received the stein I ordered for Leon's Victorian Mansion and added the pie that is cooling in the oven.

My chicken dish found a home and also added a couple plates to the plate holders.
I found that the Chrysbon saucer/plates make great half scale plates. I had some decals that Lee sent me to dress some dishes up. Still need to do some more.
If anyone has any spare small Chrysbon plates - I will always be looking for more!

Now that I am half deep into half scale, it is time to start cleaning up my full scale accessories that have just been sitting in a tote. Why is it when you try to organize, things become more of a mess??

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  1. The Chantilly is looking good....Cute wine and cheese basket

  2. I like that screen door - it has great detailing! You're cracking me up with the subliminal messages! :D Thanks for all the support and dedication to my campaign. Great birdfeeder. And, since you missed out on the trim, you'll HAVE to go back anyway. ;] Love the chicken dish, too!

    1. You were able to pick up the subliminal messages?

      That shop has the asphalt shingles that are hard to find. Should have picked up all they had!

  3. Te está quedando todo precioso,con tantos detalles,me encanta,besitos

  4. esas compras son geniales , y veo que sigues completando ambas casas , y la cesta de queso y vino es preciosa , queda muy bien en esa escena



  5. looking really good, love the little bits you picked up,all helps in the realistic look

  6. You got some great buys. I love how you place all your wonderful items and make a room come alive. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog :)
    Hugs Maria

  7. I like your Chantilly house.
    The basket with wine and cheese is perfect in your scene.
    Bye Faby

  8. Lolololol with the subliminal messages! Love the chicken! I read The Shining every few years, so I totally get the King thing.

  9. Your house is looking so pretty! I love the screen door- and the little koi pond is so cute- what a good find. I'm going to go vote now :)