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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Glenwood's Lack of Support

I am getting a little burned working on the Chantilly so I tucked it away and decided to pick a room from the Glenwood and actually finish it. When I took a good look from a far I noticed she is sagging - which we all know happens with age. She just needs a little support.

Yes - I know I could have just added 2x4's to the sides, but honestly I wanted to make the yard smaller so the house is not so overbearing in the room.

I removed all the furniture and accessories that were not attached down.

Removed the garage and starting take up the grass and outdoor pieces.

Look how she leans to the right. The house could have easily tipped.

My son Clay helped set the Glenwood on the ground. I did have to disconnect the light for the basement. Really hoping it goes back together smoothly, but I am not optimistic.

Removed the large sheet of wood that was sitting on the table.

The basement had to be removed and set back further. But now the stairs don't line up and that will drive me crazy! I am not cutting a new hole for the steps - imagination can be used for that - but they must line up!

Clay helped me take the house back off again so I could reposition the basement. I will still  need room for the garage to sit on the table. This lines up better, but I have to make sure the front works with the pond. I may redo the basement some so things line up.

I am pretty excited about this. Yes, things look a little rough now, but paint, wallpaper and trim are wonders. Instead of just throwing 2x4's  up, Jake (my husband) helped me cut some wood to make shelving below that is attached to the base of the table. I glued furniture sliders with quick grip on the underside of the shelving so the whole unit moves easily.
Koda's swing set will no long fit on the yard of the Glenwood. On the bottom right there will be a playground room box. I can add the shelves in various heights when I get wonderful ideas for a room box or storage.

I don't remember the last time I worked on my dermatology medical room box. I found a mayo stand on eBay that is just like what we have at work. This room is a copy of one of our surgery rooms. Should fit nicely under the Glenwood.

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  1. Oh, my! You got your workout in today! :D That sagging would have seriously scared me...don't need a massive house falling over.

    I love the medical items - so cute and realistic!

    And, thanks for the campaigning!!! :D

    1. This is why I got left behind when the family left yesterday! I was in a mess!

  2. First I like your house. You and the family did a great job of bracing it. Was it the table that was sagging or the house?

    1. The table was sagging. I might have removed the support beams to add my basement. In hindsite, that was not very smart!

  3. Esto pinta pero que muy bien!!!!!

  4. Te está quedando muy bien, seguiré tus avances. Un abrazo

  5. I like your house and the outside looks fantastic.
    Bye Faby

  6. Great fix!! That first photo worried me. We don't need a post that says, "honey, the house squashed me."

  7. I remember looking at the photos in one of your older posts, marveling at how that table was able to support all that weight. My smallest house is a 'Real Good Toys' kit, and surprisingly the heaviest of them all. So I'd imagine that the Glenwood must weigh a ton.

    Lucky that you caught the sagging when you did.

    1. The house is pretty heavy, but it is awkward weight. I have sliders under the table legs and sliders under the new shelving unit. Hope this supports it!! Will be a huge pain to take apart if we ever move