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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Updated RGT Glenwood Tour

This is not the current state of the Greenwood's front - but thought I should throw a pic of that in here.

This is an overall back view

This is how the back view looked a few days ago. Looks better blue!
(the wood is the backside of a shelving unit I made to help support the table I made)


Laundry Room:
(lets not talk about the broken washer)

Basement Hangout:

Guest Room:

Living Room:
(still need to work on the crown molding among other things)

Clayton's Room:

Still planning on a golf border.

Carter's Room:

Wrestler guy is a charm.

Attic Space:

Stained the railing and got that in today.

Miniature Mini Room:

Overall backside view of garage and my Dad's apartment.
(My Grandma made the funky doll)

I bought a wicker set for $15 from Craigslist. It came with the red material. I reupholstered the set today.

Front Porch:

Bug spray on the coffee table and the ashtray and pack of Camels. I don't smoke, but they are my favorite piece. 

I had a lot of scrap pieces of baseboards and crown molding. I put a little dab of glue on the backside so I could spray paint them all. I was able to trim out the house with scrap pieces alone. Yes, I am that cheap!

This little gal is the reason why I have started gluing everything down. Wax is not enough! She loves the miniatures just as much as I do.

There is still a lot of work for each room, but it is coming along nicely.
Should have the front back in place next week.


  1. Cats, they love minis, I have had to train mine to stay out of my houses. Now if I can just train my 5 year old to leave my minis alone and play with his I would be all set.

  2. WOW, this house is fantastic--all the things you have done and are doing! I love the way you solved the sagging problem (mentioned in previous post).

    I also love your cat!


  3. Your house looks wonderful, especially the white kitchen and the attic.
    The wicker set is fantastic.
    Greetings, Faby