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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Charm - ing

I made some curtains out of the material Dale sent me. I think they look horrible and will have to try it again.  
Notice the new items? The 3 monkeys on the shelf above the bed (speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil) and the radio on the floor by the dresser are silver charms. For the radio I only needed to make the speakers black. I used sharpies on the radio and the monkeys.

I just love this little hat!! Also a silver charm that I painted.

Purses on the floor - also charms!

Added a purse on the counter. Owner must have set her purse down as she was bringing in her groceries.

Charming Beware of Dog sign

Overall view of house. Look how sloppy the curtains are.

Flooring is down in the mansions kitchen.

I spray painted all the exterior trim white.

Chantilly and Victorian Mansion - huge size difference!

I papered the wine box today and added my little mouse.


  1. veo que sigues con los progresos en las dos casas y ademas con una escena , es increible todo el trabajo que estas haciendo



    1. Thanks Mari!
      I still have other houses that have been neglected, but I really need to finish the Chantilly.

  2. Stunning. If only I was a Lilliputian, I would be moving in! x

  3. Hi Audra,

    Love the monkeys! So darn cute. What would we do without Sharpies?

    I sympathize with your feelings about the curtains. Don't you just hate when you see something so clearly in your head, and then the finished product doesn't meet your expectations? I bought this really cute wallpaper for my blog character's studio apartment...spent 2 hours measuring and hanging the paper, and now I hate I have to pull it down and sand off the glue. Grrrrr. You know what they say about the best laid plans...
    Have a nice week,

    Vicki aka Madame Mystery

    1. Ohh - I have been there! I already put up paper in the mansion and had to take it down. I have redone my kitchen 3 times in the Glenwood! Not to mention all the other things. I figure if I have doubts now, might as well change it!

  4. Your houses are fantastic!
    Bye Faby

  5. You sure have been busy :) You have done a great job with the charms. I have never painted charms what paint can you use ? I love your wine box.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Maria - I used sharpies on the monkies and was able to rub some off so it was not such a solid color. I used acrylics for some with mod podge sealer and sprayed some. I was able to scrape off paint on one I messed upon - but these are glued down so they should stay pretty well.

  6. You have done quite an impressive job with this house and I know it is not easy to work with this scale, especially when it comes to accessories. It will be interesting to follow your progress.
    The little wine box is adorable. I love the tiny mouse you added (Not in real life though).
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thanks Drora!! This scale is really challenging, but I can have more houses this way!

  7. Como vas avanzando!!! y la mini escena tiene muy buena pinta!!!