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Friday, January 6, 2017


Decided to rearrange my miniatures last month - across town and into an apartment.
I don't have a designated mini room anymore, so they are scattered about the new place.

My Grandma used her house she made as a TV stand. 
Now I am.
One difference -  I don't have a box TV.

Dining room now have some vignettes.
Barn carefully tossed into a tote of toys that my grandson plays with.

Even the bathroom has a scene to admire -  
if you are not too distracted by the ugly peacock.

Heading upstairs are a couple more displays.

Along with some dolls Grandma made.

The goldfish that were supposed to be turtle food that are now
pets get to admire the underside of the half scale Victorianna.

Don't worry - I still have Ben.
He enjoys looking out at the frozen pond.

The Great Glenwood survived the move - mostly.
My reinforced base isn't so reinforced anymore.

Besides being ugly, it is wobbly. 
I planned on putting a skirt around it to hide the ugly, but I think I am just going to have to ditch the basement and find a sturdy coffee table that I won't hack up.
Besides - if history repeats itself, I will be moving in approximately 9 months, right?
Just kidding...I hope.

Jumping to the apartment for just a bit 

No painting, no changing out lights, no altering the kitchen...
No No No
But I can hang pictures and posters.
Dining room before:

Check out this poster!
Yes, it is wallpaper.
I used staples and double sided tape.
How fricking cool is that?

Back to minis -
I put  my holiday mini scene in the dining room. 
It is probably not the best place for it, but I am running out of corners.


  1. Your vignettes look great on the walls! And yeah, that's some amazing wallpaper! I will keep fingers crossed that you don't have to move in another 9 months! Happy new year Audra.

  2. Tus miniaturas quedan perfectamente colocadas como las has puesto, y podrás disfrutarlas mucho. Felicitaciones! Un beso

  3. Congrats on the new apartment!

    Minis are looking great: how nice that there are so many little places to put them!

  4. Genial tus minisAudra,besitos