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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Picture Perfect

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I know a little about health care.
I am not a doctor, but I have watched 14 seasons of Grey's Anatomy at least a few times.

Trying to decide what would be on my TV screen in Grandma's 1:12 scale living room was easy.
A no brainer - but that would put Derek out of a job.

I believe the residents of the house have been binge watching Grey's and not taking  time to dust.

In my real life living room I have a painting my husband did years ago. I found 
it in the basement of the rental house when we were moving in the house we bought.
It was tucked away because it was unfinished. 
I loved it anyway. One of my favorite paintings he has done.
Image may contain: indoor

It now also hangs in Grandma's house living room.


Now on to my Dad.
Previously Dad would scroll the Honda Goldwing website.
He has since upgraded to a BMW, so the monitor had to change.

Like the image of the photo I took of  my Dad's real room, I changed the computer monitor to reflect that. I also added the security images he has for his home. 

Wait! Is that Pledge on my Dad's desk? Maybe I could convince him to go dust his mothers house.


  1. Love love love the painting!!
    And it looks right at home in its mini version too!

    1. Thanks!! Me too. You probably can steel it from the real life photo. I plan to do a mini display of all his work

  2. Hi Audra. Both grandma’s house and your dad’s room look great. And your husband’s painting looks beautiful. Even unfinished!