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Thursday, May 5, 2016

In the half scale Leon's Mansion:

Added a pot of pasta to the stove.
Looking for a jar of pasta sauce and a loaf garlic bread.

Tea pot on display in the cupboard.

Tinkered some more with the bathroom.
Rigged up a shower curtain out of curtains.

Who remembers Frank's?

Crown molding and baseboards

Making a shelf out of scrap pieces of wood

Once the shelves are filled up, the variation of stain won't show up as well.
Also added crown molding at top of shelf and at top of stairs.

Wanted to add a shelf to the window in the boys room.

Removed part of the roof to have easier access. 

 Added shelf, then caulked seams.
I will have to touch up the paint later. 

In the full scale Glenwood:
My squeeze me tree did not have a home.

With a few alterations, it fits well in the corner.

Papered the  boys room.
The mattress and bedding is off another bed.
I will probably spray the dresser and bed black.

The extra border blocks will make great half scale pictures!

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  1. Hello Audra,
    The rooms are coming along nicely. The kitchen is lovely.
    Big hug