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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Beg, borrow and steal

I have already decided that the Lee's Line bed did not look right in the half scale boys room.

I stole the mattress to use on the floor.

Dressed it up a bit and added a Coke bottle - even though I am a Pepsi fan.

The dressing on the girls bed was not going very well. I found some pink gingham material on a full scale bed. Do you know how hard it is to find material that works in half scale?

This works, right?

Wait - now there is too much white furniture.

Another switch.
Also added a pillow top to the window seat.

Barrel of Monkey game and book on the floor.

Peacock on display.

Added some color to a silver brush and made a little container out of some beads.

Another book made for the coffee table.

I am attempting a half scale turtle tank with these materials.

My first attempt at a turtle dock sucked.
I basically ruined the Lee's Line end table.

My second attempt also sucked.

This turned out much better.

Cats may have found a home in the office.

Couple of glasses add in the kitchen cubby

Painted the windows and door tan on the half scale porch. 
I am leaning towards navy as a contrasting color.

Took advantage of a nice day to spray paint a full scale table and half scale windows.


  1. Busy busy!
    I think the beds look at! And new turtle dock is an improvement over the first one you made!

  2. Hello auddra,
    It is quite difficult to find proper scale fabrics, but the pink looks lovely. The house is really coming along and I love all your new mini treasures!
    Big hug