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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gone Fishin'

I made my (second) pond around 6 years ago. Initially, I was happy with how it looked. 
Like most things, the imperfections started to stand out more and more.

Besides the fact that the water is getting foggier as more time passes, I really don't care for the dark pond bottom and sides.

Caught one!

Cutting apart the 'water' was a pain.

 I found it much easier to cut apart after soaking in boiling water.

I even found a frog that I forgot he was in there. Couldn't see him before.

Some broken tails (and a decapitated turtle), but they all can be salvaged. They are not as vibrant as they once were.  I will have to find another deli tray for a pond before I can start again.


  1. Poor decapitated turtle! It'll be hard for him to find the new turtle dock without his head. Lol

  2. Hello Audra,
    It is a shame there was damage, but I am happy it can be fixed and that you were able to save so many items.
    Big hug

  3. a mi me gustaba incluso con el agua turbia ...