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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ho Hum

I can't seem to focus my attention on one project very long, so I tend to bounce from real house, to half scale and to full scale.

Almost done with the pink in my mini room.
I am even painting the inside of the closet.

Did a little organizing while I was at it.

Santa normally stays wrapped safely in a bag until December.
He really doesn't like being tucked away, so I am letting him sit on the top shelf.

He better behave himself with Shirley Temple.

My half scale furniture stash is on display.
Obviously not organized yet.

The Lee's Line pieces are a little more in order.
Proud of my stash. Seems these pieces are getting harder to come by.

One of my beds was missing a leg. I am sure I broke it at some point.

Can you believe I found it?

I am really disgusted with the full scale pond I made. I used Realistic Water.
The water has been slowly getting cloudy over the past 5 years.
This was the third pond I have attempted. Next one I will use a better 'water' product.

I will gut the pond and will try to save my fish.
Wasn't really happy with the pond bottom and sides anyway.

I snapped a couple of pics of my full scale Tiki Bar. Nothing new to share. Just needed the pics as a reminder of what liquor I have in stock before the 3 Blind Mice Mini show in Ann Arbor.

I added my half scale fountain to the side of Leon's Mansion.. Not exactly where I envisioned placing it, but it has been sitting in my accessories bin for 3 years. 
 I am sure it can be dressed up with some greenery.

On the other side of the house, I added a half scale bird with feeder. This was purchased the same time as the fountain - at the 3 Blind Mice show a few years ago. Figured I might as well do something with the stash I have before I (hope) to add more to my collection.

I attempted to make a half scale roll pillow by wrapping material around a dowel.
This is as far as I got before I gave up/set it aside.

I kept staring at the bed I am dressing. The pink seems to be a little too much. I am thinking a white sheer material for the canopy.

In the bedroom next door I placed some Lee's Line pieces.
 I think a mattress on a small platform in the attic space might work better.

The Lee's bedroom doesn't really fit the rest of the house.

A bathroom is not complete without a rubber ducky.
My little guy looks a little...blank.

I glued him to a skinny stick so he would be easier to hold. I painted him with the tip of my exacto knife. I also painted the faucets on the plastic tub I ordered from HBS.

He could use some touching up, but overall I am happy with him.

When I ordered the tub, I also ordered the living room set. The tub is ok, but I don't care for the living room. It seems smaller than scale.  It can be tucked away where it really won't be seen well.

Finished the trim in the man space 

Even added the rest of the paper.

I was torn on stair placement. If placed this way, you lose a lot of visual space in the room.

So this way they will be.

I papered the back of the stairs but didn't' have a full piece.
The seam in the paper can be hidden by a book shelf.

I also accomplished some work in my full scale Glenwood.
The back wall was wonky in the boys room. Patching that before I paper again.

I made a mini of BF's MSU diploma and framed it for the office.

Off course, this is WAY too clean to be realistic. I will add clutter along the way.

Even paid some attention to the Glenwood's exterior.

Added some mulch around the foundation.

Doug does not care for the new floor. He prefers carpet.

Besides working in the mini room, I have been doing some yard work.
Really not so much the yard, more like the flower bed. Except I don't do flowers. 
Like most women, I like big rocks. But not rocks I could wear.

Last summer I tinkered with the area around the house. Basically just pulled the overgrown shrubs.

This year I have been able to do something with the area.
I have some rocks to arrange as a border, but I need to get my paws on more.

Some black wood chips and low maintenance plants and I am done - with that section.

Even worked on my kitchen cabinets.

Keli - the box on the counter is for you - just need to get to the post office!

Finally finished, and I even like it!


  1. It all looks wonderful! Good job! You were very productive!

  2. Hello audra,
    You have been busy.
    Changes to both real life and miniature houses are lovely. But I must say, I particularly love the rubber ducky ;)
    Big hug