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Sunday, August 2, 2015

I'm not the only one counting down!

Only 1 day and 5 hours before Koda and I leave for Virginia. I am getting excited (and a little nervous) to head out. Once we are there Koda and I will be having dinner with an old friend (previous boss), meeting up with Lori (she owns Happily Ever After if I have not mentioned that before) and we are also meeting up with my sisters. My oldest sister lives near me and the other lives just south of Lori.

In the mean time BF came to the rescue and fixed my table.  Ya know - I think we have come to the point in our relationship that I can give him a name. 

Meet Vincent. Sometimes we call him Moose. That leaves me to be the Squirrel.

I imagine in the photo he must be thinking what the heck did he sign up for.  He also must be thinking that there is only 1 day and 5 hours before he has some peace and quiet for 8 or 9 days!

Koda took a picture of us working. My reject small hands can reach where his wont. I just noticed he is wearing socks with his sandles. Reminds me of my grandpa. How can you just not love that? (Or be mortified if your a 13 year old girl)

So now my Glenwood stands tall in the room. Waiting for her neglected windows, siding and  roof to be repaired.

 Maybe I should get some skirting to hide the basement from the front?

Maybe I should first see what I can get my paws on in Lori's shop! 

Don't fret! I will post LOTS of pics!

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