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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Upside down your turning me

The Glenwood is still upside down. I am thinking I should just purchase some evenly cut table legs from the lumber store.
In the mean time...
I painted all the cream and wood pieces on the roof of the Glenwood black.

When I spray the roof brown again, the black will be easier to cover.
I hate to think of taping it all off, but it is a necessary evil. I have some old sheets saved to protect the walls (this time). 
The once orange Glenwood went sage.
My once sage kitchen is going orange.
It was nice, but bland.
I am back into bright moods/colors.  The sage had to go.
The kitchen cabinets are in the process of being changed. The uppers are in, but need to be finished off in cream.
Supervisor lurking in the corner.

Ironically, the same paint brush I used to paint the black on the Glenwood I  used to paint a portion of the wall in our entryway.

I even had help from Dakoda! She determined painting is "boring."

Another creation from my friend Dawn for BFs birthday today.

He really likes his lazy reader glasses I got him.

Have I mentioned that Dakoda and I are going to visit Happily Ever After?
Only 6 days, 6 hours and 55 minutes till we leave.
Even though I am excited to visit Lori (also visiting my sister and another friend) I am going to miss home and Doug. Will probably miss BF a tad too.

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  1. I love the orange! It looks so much warmer and livelier. I think the Glenwood looks better sage too. Wonderful choices.

    Have fun at Lori's. I thought of you when I unpacked a box from her yesterday.