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Sunday, July 26, 2015

What could go wrong?

Does the Glenwood seem closer to the floor than what it used to be? My eyes tell me no, but my knees and hips strongly say otherwise.  Doug the supervisor was present. 

So here was the plan - gently lay the house on her back so I can remove the legs and add longer ones. Easy peasy. 

Laid house down without a hitch. The screws holding the house to the yard were kind enough to rip out of the wood to save me the trouble of removing them.

Removing the legs was easy, considering I couldn't reach the hardware. 

Now adding the new and improved extended legs went ok, but Doug complained the whole time that it was not stable. blah blah blah. Then I catch him sleeping on the job.  Do you think he could help? Of course not. His suggestion was to pass the buck- have BF fix it or get another table.
We really don't use our kitchen table

I also laid down on the floor to think.
But wait - I could add little shelves in the space between Grandmas house and the wall. 
Forget the Glenwood.

Cut some shelves to fit along the left side of the house. Still need to add more to the right.
BTW - I did find some fun carpet at Menard's today.  The block pattern is jumping out at me more.
I did manage to get my pond in place. The willow still needs tweaking, among other things.

I love when non-mini people catch the mini eye.
My niece's mother-n-law picked these up at a antique store. I believe they are 3/4 scale.
I will not alter/bash these. They are very unique and will be perfect on my wall.

This past week I crashed in on my son getting his first tattoo. He has wanted this since he was 15, but neither his dad or I would sign for it.
OK - yes, his feet are dirty. He just came from work.
 I am sure the tattoo artist has dealt with worse filth.
And yes, that is a camel. On his toe.
Inappropriate? Yep. But I still think it is funny.
On a cleaner note, I took Dakoda and her friend to the lake. Wait? Is the lake clean? Doubtful.
This helped us pass the time before Dakoda and I leave for Happily Ever After!
Only 8 more days and 8 hours before we leave!
Maybe I shouldn't have traded in my Durango for a car. How are we going to fit the store in a car?

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  1. Hi, Audra,
    I love the variety in this post. You lead a busy life! But now I'm very curious as to what has become of the Glenwood and her legs? (And take it from me, those hips and knees will tell you wrong every time.) Have fun at Happily Ever After!