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Sunday, July 19, 2015

What A Mess

Since I was last able to update we have had a graduation party with an awesome cake made by my friend Dawn at D's Sweets

She did such a great job that Koda wanted her to do a birthday cookie incorporating a monkey and the mocking bird symbol from the Hunger Games.

With real life issues taking a big part of our summer, miniatures have been put on the back burner - until today. 

Made a corner display for my pond

My pond had some indents that needed to be filled in with resin water.

I added a layer of water and set it on a self to dry.  One of my boys stopped by to visit. Like a little boy he stuck his finger right in the pond. It's a good thing I like him. ;)

A smidgen more water was added - then placed on a high shelf. Out of the reach of childern, adults and hopefully cats. 

I also added another shelf as a home for the garage and swing set. 

Little hands will be able to reach in and play with the garage and playground. 

Now I have a mini mess to clean up. 

Of course I have misc odds and ends to pick up. There is a miniature shop 45 minutes from my home but rumor has it there is a sale going on at  Happily Ever After. I just need to see for myself.  I have been shopping online and became friends with the owner for about 4 years now. It's time to see the live store. Dakoda and I (and maybe one of my boys) will be leaving Michigan to head to Ashburn VA in 16 days and 3 hours. We will spend a few days with Lori and head a little further south and visit my sister. 

Even though I have not met Lori in person, we have become pretty close (along with Julie in Texas). It is a little scary to visit someone I have not met. I have done it once before with 
Keli and lived to talk about it. I am sure Lori is not some morbidly obese chain smoker with a hairy back, sitting behind his desk top, wearing only boxers, in his mothers basement pretending for the past 4 years to own a shop and made up a family.  99.9% certain. 

I have also spent a little time on my real life house painting the bedroom. 


  1. Shoot. Gotta shave my back for your visit now! Lol
    In all seriousness, that bedroom looks so elegant and sophisticated! It's lovely!
    I wanna see more of your minis though: I need more close up pics of that garage and swing set!

  2. muchas felicidades por la graduacion de tus hijos , las tartas son fantasticas
    es el misterio de conocer en persona a alguien con quien te relaccionas por internet, siempre quedan incertidumbres hasta que el encuentro se lleva a cabo



  3. Hi, Audra - What a fun post! The pond looks good - just the perfect amount of murkiness. I enjoyed your oh so funny thoughts on meeting a previously unseen friend for the first time. May your vivid imagination have it all wrong!