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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Toc Toc...

Six. Six more days until family, friends and univited guests celebrate my boys graduation at our home. 


No pressure. Right?

Needless to say miniatures have been put on the back burner. 

Our full scale house has been the main attention.  

How about a refresher picture of what we started from? 

The overgrown shrubs, oversized shutters and snow have been removed. I removed the shrubs.  BF took care of the shutters and nature took care of the snow. 

Here is a today's view

BF power washed house. I put the shutters up today and painstakingly added each leaf to the tree. 

Additional views:

That last shrub will also be removed at a later date. 

How about a back view? This is before BF power washed. Those shrubs will also be removed. Thinking of adding shutters also. 

During the wash. 

What? You can't really see the filth? How about a courtesy closeup? 

Behind the garage. This is where the stuff for the dump has been hiding. 

We did a lot more work, but do you really want to see pictures of me cleaning the kitchen, doing the laundry and changing kitty litter?  If you said yes, then you may want to reconsider following my blog. 


  1. So much work! But just think - when the festivities are all over and done with, you'll still have a great-looking house for a long time to come. So it's all worth the work! Nice job…..

  2. creo que habeis hecho un gran trabajo y vuestros invitados se sentiran mas que bien recibidos para la celebracion