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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Where Did I Put My Glue?

That is a question I asked myself frequently this past week. Along with 'where is my knife?" and "who took my scissors?"  Each hunt I would go on would lead me to new tasks. 

While digging through my goodie bin  (looking for something that I don't even remember was now) I found my Rottie. I really miss my Rottie from a previous life, but for now my resin pup will do. 
But wait! Isn't that the rose Lori gave me many moons ago? Perfect in the glass vase on the night stand. 
Hold on a second! There's the slipper I bought for my Great Aunt Edna's house! Boy, I miss her too. Maybe I will find the other slipper if I keep digging through this bin. 

Hey! My gas and water meter! The brick portion of the Glenwood is done. I can just stick them up quickly. 

What?!  My minis from holiday room boxes?!

Found 4 out of 6 chairs. Maybe if I keep unpacking I will come across more. 

Ha! Loved this old world looking map. I sure hope my camera is crooked and not the picture. 

No way! My pots and pans for the Easter scene! Thought those were gone forever. 

Charcoal and cooler! Awesome! Forgot I even had these for the patriotic room scene. 

Presents?! I can just slip them under the tree real quick while Santa is distracted by Mrs Claus. Check out the time! Came across my Grandma's Chrysbon grandfather clock. The Claus home really needed that. 

Wow! The mini picture of my dad when he was in the army. Front and center in the scene. 

Oh my goodness! My seagull Dakoda bought me for Christmas! I will just glue that down real quick before he gets lost again. 

Now where did I put my glue?!


  1. I love it! LOL When I find things like that it is like Bingo! As for the slipper you might want to ask mr. Rottie! I think that particular brand of glue grows legs.

    1. Good point! I thought I had my dog trained, but they can be sneaky!
      Legs! That's funny!

  2. cuantas cosas en tan poco tiempo, me encanta todo



    1. Thanks - I have been scurrying around!

  3. how easy we are distracted, but then we can multi task, ask any man

  4. It must feel like Christmas, finding all those things again! I hope you find the other slipper and chairs. I know what you mean though, losing things you were only just using. Sometimes, no matter how much I look, I just never find them again (my ivory paint, tiny pin vise, pencils....)

    1. It was like Christmas! A little overwhelming though. Your paint, vise and pencils are with my slipper and chairs!

  5. I love it when I start digging around in neglected corners and find all sorts of long-lost treasures. It was such fun reading your post and seeing all your discoveries. Makes me want to go digging for treasure again!