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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Minimal Minis

I was informed that the last few posts I made from my iPhone blogger app did not hold any of my pictures. Tonight I picked up a simple laptop from Target so I could try to share my work again.

As far as miniatures, the work is minimal.
I picked up 2 drawer dividers from BBB. They make for a good shadow box.

But one was not large enough for a laundry room, so I altered the boxes to make one larger display.
I have a ironing board, a shelf and a basket of laundry to add to the box.

That's it. In the past month or so, that is all I have done with minis, besides order some furniture.
I will show my loot later.

I have been pretty busy in real life.

Besides binge watching Pretty Little Liars, Green Arrow, Prison Break, Flash, Dare Devil and Grey's Anatomy, I have accomplished a few things.

Real kitchen - ditched the orange walls. 

I am in the process of repainting the cabinets. The cream is a bitch to keep clean.
Yes, I know they will still get dirty, but much like the top of the fridge and the roof of my car - out of sight, out of mind.

Other things have been done, but after messing with the new lap top and trying to figure out how to load pictures, I am tapped out.

My days are not spent entirely with Netflix.
I have picked up Zumba again so I can get out of the house and see real friends besides my Netflix friends. Plus it is nice to see my step count go up on my Fitbit.

I will share my cluster of kids. My four kids, my grandson and my sons friend who just never went home.

The whole clan on Easter.


  1. Pretty neat idea combining the two smaller boxes to fit your needs!
    I'm liking the real life kitchen with the darker cabinets!
    You can't collect kids and miniatures: pick one. LOL

    1. I only have one kid left in the house. Can't I do both?

  2. I am glad you found a way to add the photos! I like seeing what you do. Good luck painting kitchen cabinets--I keep looking at mine--they definitely need a repainting--but it looks like a lot of work, and I am getting lazy these days.
    Enjoy whatever you do.

    1. I get overwhelmed easily. By painting a small section at a time when I feel like it helps a lot.

  3. Success... now I can see your pictures! ;O) You've been very busy for sure, especially considering your training for the t.v. marathon - great idea to put these two boxes together. I'm curious to see the next pieces for this shadowbox. Not to forget - nice collection of kids... ;O)


    1. Thanks! Now I need to try to upload pics back into my older post.