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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Down Sizing

Before I decided a makeover was in order for the Glenwood, I added 'gravel' to the driveway.

In my last post I shared all the imperfections I found, including the fascia on the Glenwood. I removed the trim/fascia to adjust it so it will be flush with the shingles.

Eventually all the fascia will be adjusted. I will have to tape off and cover the entire house so the roof can be resprayed.

This is the last photo taken of the house with the full yard, garage and driveway.

Garage has been removed and tucked away in the closet for now.

Overall back view of the house.
Looking at it now, it really bothers me that the basement is larger than the main portion of the house. That will need to be fixed.

Whoever made the basement did a crappy job!  (me)

Temporary home for the house until a sufficient coffee table can be found.

It was easier to remove the sloppily made (by me) basement after flipping the table over.

Yes, I glue a lot of the furniture and accessories down for two reasons - Dakoda and my cat tend to take off with my pieces.

Removed the legs and hardware from the table.

I am keeping the foundation of the playground and plan to build a room box around it.

The Glenwood yard will not be large enough for my fall tree, but it might work if I change the playground to a park.

With the mulch being easily accessible, I was able to clean it up and added more mulch to fill in the gaps.

Once I find a table that jumps out at me, I will place the original base on the table and cut it down to a suitable size.

On a side note - I have been working out a lot doing Zumba with my friends.

This couple is the one that started me in Zumba about 4 years ago. Angie is my dear friend and her husband William teaches. Some of us girls will travel out of town to workout with them once a week.

Angie, myself and Jenny.  Jenny is a local instructor (and my friend).


  1. You have some of the prettiest houses. I love the room they are in!

  2. Your house is fantastic, and I really love the playground!