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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mini Changes

There have been mini many changes and things going on over the past month or so that have prevented me from working on my miniatures. That is OK - I have not really missed it, and they will all be there once things settle down.

I started shingling Koda's Bungalow. After the first row was placed, I decided it would be easier to just stain the entire package of shingles before they are glued on. Rumor has it that the directions recommend staining before placement.
Once the roof is done, Koda would like this house repainted tan.

Slowly working on the barns corrugated roofing made from cardboard.

Wrestling season came to end last week. It is always bitter sweet for me. It is so much fun to watch your kid on the mat. But now that the school season is over, I can get back into Zumba with the girls. He and his friend will be doing some off season wrestling to help prepare Carter for his senior year. 

I found this Christmas ornament on eBay. It seems to be more 3/4th scale. Carter had joked about me making a mini wrestling room but I wasn't really interested until I saw these little guys. It should be pretty easy, and I would like to replicate the wrestling room in his high school gym.

But before I even start making a room box, these colors are unacceptable. The blue can stay, but I taped off the ornament so I can spray the red singlet orange and try to get the Viking logo on the little guy.
Another project added to my list.

The biggest news of all? 
I am now a grandma. Surprised? Yea, me too. 
Meet Lincoln Robert (Link) with my oldest son Kyle.

Dakoda is a very proud aunt.


  1. Congratulations to the grandchild, he looks so small and cute!
    I look forward to see more of your wrestling room box later =)

  2. You mini projects are coming along great! I might use that cardboard idea! But the best mini of all is that cute one in the blanket! I want to play with that sweet!

  3. congratulations! he's very cute ;)

  4. Hulk wrestle...Hulk smash....tee hee hee.

  5. Congratulations. He is beautiful, and I cant wait to see how your house ends up! x

  6. Congratulations, he's adorable--the best kind of miniature. :)