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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Upside Down Your Turning Me

Found the perfect coffee table to use to hold the Glenwood. 

The front piece of trim had to be removed for the basement to fit.

The house is just a little too large to sit on just the table alone. I used it's original base, cutting it down to a more workable size. I even drew a straight line!

Should be easy enough to cut out the hole to fit my pond. The edges will have to be cleaned up with the jigsaw. 
I was able to save the sidewalks by using this base. 

The wall the stairs is on needed to be moved so the all three flights of stairs line up.

The remaining wall loosened when the stairs were removed. 
My aunts house is perfect for pressure while the wall drys. 
That wall looks crooked! Wonderful. 

It is crooked! I love how the camera picks up every little flaw.

I am going to leave the house set aside for now and work on the basement. I would like to do a ceiling like this:


  1. Can't wait to see you do a ceiling like that in miniature!

  2. que suerte haber encontrado la mesa perfecta para poner la casa



  3. That is a beautiful table and you are going to make it gorgeous!

  4. I too can't wait to see your ceiling :)

  5. What a great table! I think this is going to work out amazing for you. It's a fantastic size. I personally had to build my 'table' but this way would have been so much easier. And the top looks like it will give you lots of room. The ceiling idea looks great, I look forward to seeing it mini!