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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Half or Full?

Over the past couple weeks I have worked on various projects jumping between half and full scale.

I decided to try again at making corrugated roofing out of cardboard for Dakoda's full scale barn.

I think I am happy so far with the progress. This is where I left off. Someday I will finish it.
I ordered this half scale Hoosier cabinet kit from Scale Designs.
I should have ordered the assembled piece. This is how my unfinished cabinet is now.
Maybe once it is finished and the accessories are added, it won't look so bad.
Current overall view of the kitchen in the half scale Leon's Mansion.
 just hope it turns out how I vision it in my head! 


  1. The new roof is perfect.
    I like the new furniture.

  2. I love the Hoosier Cabinet! It looks fantastic.

    The cardboard roof turned out nice, too.

  3. Great roof and I love the last picture of the dog in your lap =) My dad has a big dog that still wants to be a lapdog =)

  4. Hi Audra. I was having fun looking thru your blog when I came across the troubles you had with the Hoosier kit, you purchased from.....ME at Scale Designs. I own Cassidy Creations Kits too after having bought the rights and patterns 10 years ago from Pat Bauder (also formerly the owner of the Philadelphia Miniatura). Anyway, I was sorry to read that you had had trouble with this kit. I have to tell you that it IS probabably they most difficult kit of all of Pat's original Cassidy Creations' kits!! I would like to offer you an assembled version of the Hoosier for your kitchen, if you would like it. It even takes me a couple of days or so to assemble this pistol of a kit, but I would be happy to do it for you. Email me at and let me know!! Loved your blog!