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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Catching Up

Slowly but surely I am plugging away at my to do list.

This is my Grandma's house bathroom before:

This is a close up of the Hawaiian themed paper. It is a little loud, but if I need to, I can tone it down with wainscoting.

I covered up the window to place the vanity as a focal point. There are a lot of nice pieces on the shelves, and I would like them displayed clearly.  I have to ask my hubby to print me one more piece of paper to finish the wall. I am also noticing the blue in the tiles does not match at all. They can probably be painted them to make it more neutral.
Added the rest of the mulch to the playground.
With some left over mulch, I added to Koda's bungalow.

Replanted the flowers in the Glenwood's yard. Once the glue dries I can adjust them and clean up the dirt.

Overall view of the Glenwood
Yesterday was Koda's fist day of junior high. She is getting so big. So is Luna!
I have started back up on the Zumba kick again. These are the girls I have been working out with.
 (I am in the green tank)

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