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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Half Scale Rosedale / Leon's Mansion

Because I was in Limbo, I decided to bust the half scale Rosedale that I got for Christmas out of the closet to give me something to work on.

Stair assembly

The resident of this home is a young man. Maybe he inherited the home from his grandparents. He will need to update the house over time.

I used printable wallpaper instead of purchasing some for this house.
Paneling for the living room with dark trim.
 I would like to find some 1970's carpet for the family room.

Sunflower paper for the kitchen.

I did not prime the wall so the paper has already yellowed. Perfect!

I had some green paper on hand that I placed in the bedroom.
Jennifer's Printables has a wonderfully gaudy paper that will go in the bathroom.

Once the paper is in the bathroom, I will add the third floor. I am undecided what will utilize that space. There are 2 arcade games I am watching on eBay that may be a good fit in there.
(the floor is painted only to prevent the warping)

I received my sink from Petite Properties for Leon's Mansion. The stove seems smaller in scale in comparison to the sink. The other appliances and clutter should distract from that.
Both pieces need to be painted.

One of my friends sent me her extra parquet flooring that she had on hand so I could finish up the floor in the dining room.  Thanks Lee!!


  1. que chula te está quedando,besitos

  2. Nice! I love the parquet floor, especially.

  3. The new house looks wonderful.
    I like the sink.
    Greetings, Faby

  4. Sua nova casa está a ficar muito bela, estarei aqui para ver como ficará pronta, certamente ficará bonita.
    Abraço, Fernanda