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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Destroyed My Hope and Dream

At the miniature show in May I bought two half scale signs that I absolutely love. HOPE turned to HO before I even got it into my house, and DREAM turned to DREAN when I was repainting my Chantilly. They fit so well on the shelf. I will have to replace them.

After I submitted my entry for the Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse contest, I really started looking at the house. They say you are your own worst critic, but come on! Look at the gaps and cracks on the wall and in the seams!

Doesn't this look better?

What? Look at this mess!

Much better - even though I see a few spots that can be touched up. Pictures show all the flaws.

I will have to make some more Stephen King books for this shelf.

On a side note - we bought a 2001 Buick Park Avenue for my boys today. This car is suiting them well. Nice to have chauffeurs!


  1. You know what, Audra, I love, love, this house! I love it especially because of all the imperfections you have pointed out. The gaps, the cracks on the walls and in the seams are perfect in their imperfection. This is a comfortable looking little home and one that I could live in. It's not a stuffy showpiece that a person can't put their feet up or sit on the couch without removing the cushions. Please don't fix anything because you will ruin the home sweet home ambiance.

    1. Thanks Lucille! I want to keep the home cozy and lived in, but there were so many little cracks that it was driving me bonkers! I still am collecting pieces to clutter it up and have that well lived in look.

  2. Holy redo, Batman! The white is wowser better. Awesome!

    You make we want to get down my Chantilly to finish it. Nah...have to get these two contest houses done first.

    I like the Buick. What happened to the truck? My daughter would like a car that nice, instead of her rust bucket.

    I finally found a box! I'm starting a mini-vacation today, so I'll get to the post office this week.

    Oh...and push drean to the right so the back end of the word is behindish the ball, instead of the front end being in front of the whatever it is...all fixed.

    1. Ha! Thanks Keli! I had decided I needed to change the house when you were here.

      Truck died. Didnt last long did it? We got the Buick for 2 gran! Nice deal for a first solid car. Much safer than the truck.

      I tried to push the drean back, but I could tell when I photographed the shelf. If I am ordering some HOPE, I might as well get a DREAM out of it too!

  3. Wow, that made a huge difference! And it already looked great.

    We are our own worst critics, but that's a good thing. :) I'm all for constant improvement.

  4. Your house looks lovely painted white! Very pretty!

  5. La verdad es que se ve preciosa de las dos maneras tanto en rosa como en blanco, es una maravilla.
    Un abrazo.

  6. I really like the changes but I think the stairs need something..maybe this? I know it's a lot of work but a railing would really finish it off. Great Job though

    Marisa :)

  7. Te ha quedado genial, mucho mejor asi, felicidades por tu acertado cambio. Besitos

  8. I like the white better also. We are our own worst enemies aren't we? I think you have done a great job!