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Sunday, June 9, 2013

What Time Is It?

For now my bathroom is finished. Was so happy with it, until I realized that I have an older style bathroom and the time period does not coordinate with the kitchen.
I painted the brass frame on the peacocks picture brown.
Should I move the picture and add a shower curtain and shower head?

I will keep the bathroom accessible by having this wall attached by little magnets.
(toliet is the main thing that needs to be changed - agree?)
Door is not hinged. I had a spare door so I just glued it in place.

I found this half scale bathroom kit on the Greenleaf site that may be a more appropriate style for the time.

I have some furniture for the master bedroom. Will have to dress the bed.

I am torn between these two papers from Itsty Bitsy Mini for the bedroom.
Any opinions?? I could always have one in the nanny's room.
Instead of having a window overlooking the porch, I added a doorway. Aslo added all the porch trim.
Yes, I know - the tile looks busy on the porch. I am hoping a piece of white quarter round will break it up some.
The door is just a place holder.
Looking at my house in person, the blue is not that striking and I really like it. Looking at the photos it seems gawdy. Torn what to do on this also.
Fascia added. They need to be patched and painted.

Overall back view of house. I really dont like the tower. Again, not sure what to do here. Add another peek and make an attic space?

On Friday we went to Hobby Lobby to find some craft projects for Dakoda to do over the summer. She picked out a few things, but I asked her to try a small latch hook rug kit. I honestly didn't think she would like it - mainly because I was the one that suggested it. Once I showed her how to do it, we can't seem to pull her away from it!

She did require some additional help at times.


  1. Don't know about anyone else...but I like the wallpaper on the right.


  2. Change the toilet and I like the idea of a shower curtain and a shower head.

    Wallpaper 640.

    I am not crazy about the tower either--not to sure what to do about it, though. Perhaps if it were lower and "flatter" and make the roof overhang?


  3. Both wallpapers are great. Your daughter enjoying it right and with your lovely dog. Cozy photo

  4. estoy de acuerdo en que el cuarto de baño deberias cambiarlo, queda mejor lo que has comprado ahora, y de los papeles , a mi me gusta mas el azul
    veo que a Dakoda le ha gustado lo de la alfombra , me alegro



  5. I like the blue wallpaper, I think we all feel the same when creating our miniatures, I know I have doubts about the colours I use and the designs and then one day you look at it and think yes its ok

  6. I like both papers. The one on the left goes well with the bedroom set you have, but the one on the right would bring in some contrast.

    Dakoda loos like she is having a great time chillin' with the dog and her latch-hook. I taught my son how to latch-hook at that age, and he really loved it. It can be so gratifying!

  7. I like both wallpapers. How wonderful that Dakoda found something she likes that will keep her busy in summer. I love the photo of her and the dog.
    Hugs, Drora

  8. Te está quedando una casa fantástica,no sabría por cual de los dos papeles decidirme,ejjeejejj,buen entretenimiento para Dakoda.besitos

  9. I love the green and white in the bathroom. I think bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house :)

  10. Mucho mejor los muebles para el baño y los papeles, ambos son bonitos, quizás el 640 mejor. Espero impaciente a ver los avances de tu casita. Besitos

  11. Dakoda is so sweet with her project and her dog. Sooo cute!!
    I love the bathroom. The colors are perfect. I love it the way it is. But I don't know anything about staying true to a time period.
    I love both wallpapers. You have to use them both. They are gorgeous!