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Friday, June 7, 2013

Need Some Help Here!

Really getting frustrated with find the right color scheme for Leon's Mansion!

This will be the tile I am using for the porch.
 I  was thinking that the navy would be perfect, but it seems too dark.

This is too bright.

 I tried a few shades of brown/beige, but they don't jump out at me at all.

I have some deep purple and a spice orange, but still not right.

SO - What if I could find the brown/rust color that is in the paper to paint the third level? I could use navy as an accent color and then my trim pieces could be cream and white??

Check out my peacock print I got off of ebay! I just love it! I need to find some other prints to work with this room. If you are throwing out ideas for me - I will take some suggestions for more decor in this room.

White wandering around on miniature sites, I found my next kit from Laser Dollhouse Designs I want need!

Just love the spiral stairs!!


  1. What about the green color in the tile? Is there enough of that to bring in the trim or the third floor? I love that tile though! Looks soooo pretty (in 1" scale) with some wallpapers I have seen (and own)!
    ANOTHER dollhouse? You are really addicted! But you are in good company! LOL

  2. Oh my, I love those spiral stairs, too!! As for color, what about a cream with navy accents?

  3. Hmm...what color will the trim of the house be...such as around the windows? Maybe coordinate with that?

  4. Jerg love your tiles you want to use for the porch. The terms of color, I thought actually the first image fits well with your tile.
    I look forward to seeing your choice.

  5. I like the cream with nave accents idea, too. The other colors are too dark or in the case of the lighter blue, too bright, and they make the house look top heavy. A cream color would pull everything together and not compete with the bricks.

    I love the tile!

  6. I accidently deleted some comments that were made!!

    I mixed up a blue paint that is perfect. Right now it may look top heavy, but once the trim is added, it should tone things down.

  7. The peacock print is perfect! Great find. I agree with the reader who suggested navy with cream accents. I think would go lovely with those bricks you worked so hard on.
    Best wishes,

  8. oh you evil thing! now I want one of their houses too :)