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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Victorian Mansion / Grandma's Sandpaper Kitchen Counter

Pulled the Leon's Victorian Mansion back out to work on. Was planning to start with the Magic Brick on the lower level.
I painted the house tan - which will be the 'grout'color.

While waiting for the paint to dry I was trying to figure out what the other pieces were for.
Because instruction or photos were not included with the kit, I had to get online to see a picture of it.
I put the little decorative pieces on and decided that to me they look to big. I trimmed part of one down to see if I would like that, but the edge does not flow into the house and looks to blunt.
My friend will be able to use them on one of her projects.

Good thing I am not a complete idiot - was able to figure out all these tiny pieces help support the little roof.

I started back working on the kitchen in my Grandma's house. I had pieced the cabinets together from misc kitchen parts.  For something different, I used sandpaper to cover the counter. Working on the back splash here.

Covered the counter

Glued down the edges

I prob should have left it just like this. I really like this look.

But I thought the blue would look great as it matched some blue in the paper.

I think it needs to be toned down some.

Me and our little Luna. She is 4 months old.


  1. Sandpaper for're on to something there.

  2. What a gorgeous house. The counter looks really neat, one coat of wash should tone it down without much hassle.

    Holy smokes, as if you're old enough to have a Son in high school?!

    1. Thanks!! I am 41 - I have a 21 year old son, my 16 year old twin boys, and my little dumpling daughter is 10

  3. The kitchen is looking great.
    good idea to use sand paper. I'm going to try one of this days.

  4. I like your idea of the sandpaper on the countertops! It looks really nice :)

  5. luna is cute, what are you going to do for the backsplash?


    1. The bottom part of the wallpaper that I will show this weekend has a border that will also run above the counter.

  6. Loving the gothic mansion; if I didn't have so many other kits waiting I might give one a go. Luna is getting so big! She looks like a real sweet girl:)

  7. Your Victorian mansion looks really great. I like your blue and white kitchen (I have one in real life) IndyPoppy

  8. Love the kitchen counters...and your little Luna!

    Best Wishes,

  9. The counters are looking awesome! And the Victorian house is outstanding! No pictures! You must be a genius and super duper patient too.
    Hey! Thanks for coming to join my new site!!

  10. Oh! I'm so glad to see Luna is well. I read about her van mishap. Puppies can get into so much trouble. I'm so glad she wasn't hurt.

  11. The sandpaper for the counter top is brilliant!
    Luna looks really cute and serene sitting on your lap.

  12. I like that countertop idea.

    That house looks interesting to do--except for the "no instructions or photos"! You are coping well.


  13. oooooh, I really like the idea of sandpaper for kitchen worktops ~ what a great idea! Will have to file that away in my memory for future use!