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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Misc work

I still want to try another attempt with the Magic Brick on the Leon's house. All the trim has been removed. Instead of patching all the seams I covered the house with fine sandpaper.
lower level covered in sandpaper
After both layers were covered, I painted the sandpaper white. This will end up being the mortar color after the brick is applied. Also it gives it some more texture instead of the smooth surface of the house.  Started to add the siding to the top portion.

I don't have the supplies that are needed to brick the house, so I moved on to the park.

I had some scrap grass pieces left that were able to be used.
Put the swing set in at an angle so Dakoda will have better access to play.

Painted the playground area black. Instead of using coffee grounds for dirt, I wanted a wood chip type appearance. 

I have heard that some playgrounds are using recycled tires as ground covering. My husband had an old tire tube that I cut up.

I spread glue down and sprinkled the pieces on.

It looked to dark, so I took some brown paint and dry brushed it. I can see where the brown is heavier in spots. That can be easily fixed.
I plan to add a tree, park bench, some flowers and my friend Julie mentioned a fire hydrant. Will have to keep an eye out for one.

For the Glenwood, I added a mail box to the front of the house. The color has been changed from brass to silver.

I had this bed for a month or so now that I bought from a friend. At the time I didn't know what I was going to use it for, but now I know it will be perfect for my aunts cabin.
 Koda and I both noticed that it seemed bulky.

I removed the mattress that came with the bed and used a thinner replacement. I was also able to find a matching dresser and mirror, bed side table and lamp.

The house does not have a lot of second floor space. I am going to add more floor to ceiling height.


  1. Good Lord Woman you have a lot of houses! And a lot of patience. I prefer roomboxes because I'm impatient and they take up less space :)

    1. I bounce back and forth between houses and full and half scale. The barn and bungalow are not mine though!! They are Dakoda's

    2. Half scale seems like a good solution to the space problem. Maybe I'll get into half scale eventually!

  2. Chopping up the old inner tube is brilliant and authentic! I must say that the bed looks so much better with the mattress removed. Good eye!

    1. Thanks! Debulking the bed was Koda's idea! Those rubber tubes are only $2.00!

  3. Wow you've been busy - chopping up the inner tube is a great idea and gives a wonderful effect. I love the park area. You have made a big difference to the bed too, it is surprising how much better it appears now with the thinner mattress. Your houses are gorgeous!