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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Victorian Mansion/Chantilly

After reading the wonderful/helpful comments regarding my kitchen changes, I decided to a smaller version of the blue back splash back on the kitchen set.

My friend Julie had suggested to switch the two pieces so you would be able to see the bay windows better.
This is how I had it:

This was Julie's suggestion. I like this much better. Thanks my friend!! I will have to cover up the window on the right side, as the sink piece covers it some.

My husband made/printed out this damask paper for me. I just love it, but I got glue on the paper in one tiny spot, so I dabbed it all over so it would blend. Now it looks like crap and has a faded appearance. There is a stairway that will be along the left wall to mask some. Can't decide if I should leave it, or see if he can print some more pieces for me.
How do I prevent this from happening again??

I really love the foundation skirting that came with this kit. With all the details, it was so much easier to spray them vs painting them by hand.

As of right now I am thinking of using the Magic Brick for the house. The base color will be the tannish/cream. I just ordered a small package of the brick from Happily Ever After to see if I like it.

I have been looking for a railing for my Chantilly, but nothing was jumping out at me. I set one of the pieces from the Victorian mansion on the porch, and it seems like a good fit.

I don't even have enough to finish the mansion, let alone add some for the Chantilly.
I emailed Laser Dollhouse Design to see if they could make just those pieces. I don't know if that can be done or not, but it doesn't hurt to ask!

I started the spiral staircase in my Chantilly. It looks pretty rough right now and needs to be adjusted and sanded. Probably should add a railing.

Overall Chantilly view.
I am not please with the shiny spots in the bedroom from the glue. Looks really sloppy. I am thinking of dry brushing some white over the pink for things to blend in. I will have to try on a scrap piece to see what I think.

I had some bits and pieces of cupboards that I removed from other houses. Instead of buying a new set for Grandma's house, I am trying to salvage what I have.
Can't decide if they are in good enough shape for her kitchen.


  1. I think the red brick with that white lattice under the porch will look stunning! Good job! (P.S. spray your papers with matte sealer and they won't bleed or fade or fall apart when you damp wipe them down).

  2. Guauuu, que lujazo de muebles!!!! están fenomenales!!! perfectos!!! felicidades!!!

  3. creo que estas haciendo un buen trabajo en la cocina , quedan muy bien los muebles asi puestos , y la chantilli tambien esta quedando muy bien



  4. I like the white kitchen.
    Bye Faby