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Monday, January 21, 2013

Bead Finds

Who really likes grocery shopping? The Chantilly occupant does not (and she must not eat healthy either.)

Found a bead shop in Ann Arbor yesterday. Was a nice store, but did not have any charms like I was looking for.

I did find this little bunny - he was silver. I sprayed him an off white and use marker for his face/ears.

He fits in the corner of the shelf just perfect.

The other 3 pieces are beads also. The square beads are now candles. I added some thread to them for wicks. The little star was just too cute to pass up.

Note in the right hand corner of the dresser the little bottle. That is a bead with a printed label.

Made a few bottles for the shelf and printed some labels fro the beads.

Printed some pictures for the wall over the bed.

Love this little heart! I cut the hole that was on the top that was for the string and also trimmed down the bottom where the heart ends.

Plan to work on the Victorian Leon Mansion this week. I do not have to work, so I should be able to get some things done.


  1. Está quedando genial. Es un trabajo muy bonito el que estás haciendo. Te felicito por ello.

  2. Que bonito todo,la colcha me encanta,besitos

  3. Oh how gorgeous is your bunny, you did a fantastic job! Love the rooms so far, it's really looking so good I'd totally love to live in there!!!
    Keep up the fantastic work :D
    Hugs, Mins xxx

  4. I like the bunny too. I also like the wallpaper in the Victorian.

  5. poco a poco se va llenando de pequeños detalles , muy bonitos