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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bespaq Kitchen Update

I know I should be happy with my Bespaq kitchen the way it is. The details are amazing, but something I felt it just needed some color.

Very carefully I removed the range hood and stove top to be able to add some tiles to the back.
I also added it to the other pieces.

This is how it looked. I also planned on using the tiles on the wall, but it looks just to busy.

How bland would it be to just leave the walls white??

So I started again, removing the blue edging.

I thought I was happy with it - until looking at my photos now. If I leave my walls white, then I could have my blue edging back.
I could leave the walls as they are and take one make a border out of the tiles to go around the room??
Time to walk away and think on this for a day or so.
Suggestion greatly appreciated!

With this layout, there should be enough room for a small table or something back there.
Any suggestions?

My little puppy Luna is now 12 weeks. I am really surprised that (so far) she has not attempted to chew up my work area.
How adorable is that face??


  1. She's just wondering what on earth you are doing instead of playing with her:) You can tell she's a very thoughtful, intelligent dog! I'm not sure about a blue border, but I think the new tiles are a great improvement!

  2. It would be nice to have a small table and 2 chairs in the bay window, that would look lovely.

  3. I like the added color. I like the nook space. You could shape seating so it curves with the windows/wall. Then add a small half round table.

  4. I like the blue trim and white walls. :)

    As for the back, I picture some sort of bay window bench with a table and maybe one chair.

    Looking great!


  5. la verdad es que queda muy bonito , pero creo que con el borde azul quedaba mas alegre, y creo que en ese rincon te quedaria muy bien una mesa para el desayuno



  6. This looks great. I have to say I liked the blue edging though.x

  7. I love this kitchen. I think it will be very nice to eat in that space.

  8. I rather like the blue. Watch Luna...once she figures it out she might try to "play" with it. LOL

  9. I love the way this looks. Love the blue!
    mini hugs and kisses, conny