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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Trouble With Half Scale

I was lucky enough to find this half scale kitchen set on ebay - and actually win it for only $20. This is just like the one in my Gleenwood, but without the upper cabinets.

As I was trying to decided which house to use it in, I noticed that the half scale kitchen in my Chantilly is much smaller than the new set.

This is the table and one chair to show size comparison to what I had.

So I compared the two kitchen sets with my half scale bed. I don't think my new kitchen set is too large - I believe my first half scale set (that I was never fond of) is too small.
Maybe that set can be bashed to make some upper cabinets or something in the future.

I also had noticed in a difference in the half scale railings. The railing on the left came with my half scale stairs. I bought additional railing for the porch. I am not happy with the difference in the size. 

I will send a piece of the smaller piece on the left to Happily Ever After. The owner of the shop has always been very helpful and I am sure she will be able to help me find some matching pieces.

The Snap-On tool box I ordered from ebay (check out this sellers store - I will be able to use a lot of their items to stock my garage!)

Not only did they send the tool box, but a lot of pieces to go with it. The pop bottles are awesome! I will be able to use them in the half scale. The paint can and case of oil I will put in my full scale garage.

I started to build a work bench using scrap siding pieces and match sticks.

I really love this mortar mix.

Did you know it could mold? Ewwww! I scooped out the mold, added some more water and stirred it up well.

Plopped some down on my garage floor and spread it out for a textured floor cover.

I also used it on the tower of the house for a stucco look.

Painted the base color a deep red. Then added a tan color, and wiped some away so the burgundy would show through.

The I dry brushed white over top of both colors. Undecided if I am happy with this or not. I will leave it for a while before I shingle the rest of the roof in case I change my mind.

Painted the tiny spindles for the stairs. I did cheat and used spray paint.

Still need to add a few more spindles and the post.

Using scrap material I made a laundry basket for the Glenwood's laundry room.

Also took some mortar mix to make a tombstone for the Halloween scene and painted a black paper towel holder blue for the Glenwood's kitchen.

Some extra photos of the kitchen with my new camera!

Still needs work - but coming along. Need to still cut the opening for the french door.

The kitchen for my Easter scene needed some spicing up. Taped off the cabinets and sprayed the counters with the texture spray paint.

Still need to do something with the stove. Plan to make a false window, and I have a Easter Egg Coloring set coming soon. Have not found a floor that jumps out at me yet - but I have not really looked.

My friend Julie sent me some Bonnie Lavish flower kits to try. Tedious work, but well worth it! Plan to order more at a later date.

As normal - when I am doing something tedious that requires a steady hand, my cat is right at my side to help.
Like my pj's?

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