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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Something Smells Spoiled!!

That smell? Well, that would be me.

When I got home from work yesterday - there were 2 boxes waiting for me. I had to open this one first, as it was from Lee. First - she sent a couple things for Koda. Koda loves monkeys and she was excited to get these.

Next was all m stash. One paper was different - that was from Julie

As a kid had had a Chinchilla - her name was Misery (named after the Stephen King book of course). I had mentioned to Julie and Lee a couple months ago that I would love to have something like that for the Glenwood. I forgot I mentioned it, but I am glad she remembered!! Once I place Misery in her new home, I will take some better pictures. Like a Gremlin - she really never liked the bright light.

I have been trying to find a bowl of mashed potatoes for my Thanksgiving Dinner scene, but have not found any I liked. Lee sent me this dish.
It is a perfect fit on the buffet (poor picture here) but the gold bowl does not match the rest of the setting. I am sure I can easily change that!
Also I had recently found some real glasses for the table. The plastic glassware is OK, but with this display in my foyer, I want something nice.

Perfect for the Glenwood and the Halloween scene. For the Trick or Treat bag I was thinking maybe it could be thrown in the yard of the Witches house - as is she scared a young trick and treater...we'll see. 

Now this just amazes me! A half scale colander and kitten! I can't believe how small they are! Seeing these little guys gets me motivated to get moving on the half scale Victorianna.

This is Roku, my dog. Yes, another gift from Lee. Now as I sit here and look at my dog, I wonder if Lee took the time to paint Roku's chest white to mimic my dog, or if that is how she is made. This dog is to be posed shaking hands, but I also could see him sitting at the bottom of a step wanting to walk up them, or maybe better yet, with that paw in a tipped over trash can!

Yum! Kahlua and a good book! My friend knows me well! 

She knows me well enough that I should probably put the drink and book down and go do some laundry and clean my windows!!

This is the box that Koda and I ordered from Happily Ever After. Various game boxes that we each wanted plus a bag of Jelly Beans for my Easter room scene.

Now where did that Koda go??
Oh, yes - bundled up in her coat and hat - but no shoes out on the swing.

The house phone appears to be glued to her ear again.
 We should probably have that looked at!

Maybe if I can get some work done today on the Victorianna I will be able to share pictures tomorrow!


  1. I cant believe that Chinchilla! so cool. So is everything else. The cleaning supplies are so tiny!
    Hey, Koda give me a call sometime! LOL

  2. You're very lucky! Beautiful minis.
    Bye Faby

  3. How fun, new minis are the best :D