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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Choo Choo!!

A while back I purchased a set of full scale wallpaper that was 40% off. Trains, tracks and stripes. When I bought it, I didn't know what my plans were, but for the price I did not want to pass it up. If I couldn't use it, I could share with my friends.
The top border had 3 rows of trains going across. I thought it was too big for full scale, let alone half.

I cut the trains into individual rows to make the twin boys border.

I didn't get a picture of the stripes before I started cutting. The whole page was stripes alternating with the track. I took a section to use as the bottom half of the room with the train track as a border.

I took the part of the railing out to make into a half wall. This way I won't have to make the railing, or buy more materials.

False wall like I did in the Glenwood's living room. For the half scale I used balsa instead of foam board. To finish off the top I wrapped some wood with the track.

Like Keli , I did not like how shallow my sink is. I put some of the fake water in the bottom...
and filled it with tiny nail beads Dakoda and I found at the dollar store.

I cut a dish in half to make give it depth.

It looks OK - but I like Keli's better. I am going to start remove what I have and use a colored plate. Instead of using the thick water, I will use the liquid.
Trial and error. I know it can look better.


  1. Wow! Impressive job that kitchen!

  2. That looks great Audra! Sounds like a lot of work went into it but it paid off!

  3. la habitacion de los niños queda muy bien con ese papel pintado



  4. Una idea genial de poner la cenefa de trenes, me encanta!! Y tu cocina es genial!!! Te quedará preciosa la casita. Besos

  5. The kitchen looks fantastic. Really like the the colour of the wallpapers.
    (Not easy to make a comment here. The word verification is not working well... :( ) Tried 9 times.....

    1. Thanks for telling me about that! I will see if I can remove it!

      Glad you like the wallpapers! Check back next week - I should have more!