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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Moving Day!

With Christmas coming it is time to move the Glenwood to her final home and out of my living room.
 I taped down anything that could wiggle.

Lights were taped to the ceiling to protect them...

I took just one more pic of the house before she was moved upstairs - just in case she got dropped!

I recuited the help of Jake, my husband and Carter, one of my 15 year old boys. They were more than excited to give me a hand! On the move...

 Up and over the railing...

 Dang! That sure is a big house!

 Tight corner - at this point I think Jake was mentioning something about how big it was, and maybe I should have built it upstairs. Maybe a few other things - not sure - Clayton and Koda were laughing and I was taking pictures, so not sure what he said ;o)

 This house makes my hallway look narrow

 Hmmm...noticed I have a light out. Oh wait - what are you saying honey??

 Down she goes! Phew!!


  1. This is going to be such an awesome set up with the yard and all. Not to mention the house and garage. Congrats to your movers for doing such a fine job!


  2. Your mover was just pointing out the blown light, that's all. ;o) Glad it moved safe and sound with no droppage!
    Lori K.

  3. You're so lucky to have your own room to play! Glad the house made it ok. =)