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Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Day With Keli (iseecerulean)

While on a family trip to Traverse City - I was able to meet up with fellow mini-friend/blogger. I must say that I was a little reluctant to go, as we had never met in person, but have been chatting up minis for some time now. I don't remember any time when I enjoyed shopping so much. I detest shopping!

Keli picked me up at my hotel at 7am Friday morning. For those of you that read both of our blogs - this will be a big repeat read for you, and even double pictures. At breakfast she spread out all of her 1:12 scale items that she is not using for me to have what I want. All of this in trade for her breakfast! There are so many little mini craft pieces in the loot, I will have to wait till I get my shelf (or 2 if they fit in my mini craft room) to organize it all. I am so excited!
Across the steet from the resteraunt was the bay.

bad photography, but that is Keli!

After breakfast we went to her local mini store. I guess it is more of a high end toy store with a selection of Victorian style dollhouse pieces. I enjoyed looking through the totes of miniatures
and the misc items she had on her shelf.
I did find a nice bird cage for Dakoda's Love Birds and a plate of cookies for santa. I will have to work the the cage - open it somehow to add the birds and make a solid floor.
After that, we went to a store that almost reminded me of a Ace Hardware, but had a lot of craft things. I found more goodies there than the miniature store. The flip flops will have to be sized down. Koda will love the chalk boars for her school and I love the rag dolls - reminds me now of Keli - she dyed her hair red per Koda's request.
They also had these great letters. I can add them to Koda's barn. It really should be Pangle's Pets, not PFT - she is to young to do any Pulmunary Function Tests!
She also took me into a high end resale type shop. I fell in love with that little cabinet, but not the $86 price tag. I have a lot of little items that need a display - in order for that to work, I would have to add more shelving, which would take away a lot of the beauty of it. I did think long and hard on that one though.
I could not believe the potential miniatures in a bead store! My neck was sore from looking through all the bins. It was pretty overwhelming. I did get some great beads, but I think if I knew more what I was doing that I would have found more. Next time we go I will have some experience up my sleeve - we have a bead shop in our town here Jake said.

Can't go to Traverse City without getting fudge!
At a little suvenir shop we found these little guys. Keli already had the dinasour when she went to Chicago. For 50cents, they are worth it.
My sister had always liked hippos and I have this Christmas hippo - I am thnking I can make my little hippo a Christmas one also. We'll see!

Don't worry! Keli was able to get some shopping in also!
When we were walking around - she pointed out the towns Christmas Tree - in the middle of the 4 lane street!

It was amazing how much I felt at ease with her and how easily we got along. I was never uncomfortable - well - not until she wanted me to see the local asylum! Who has she been talking too!? Many Many buildings - most closed in 1980. Some are now being re-opened as a business or condos.

It is sad to see such a beautiful building run down

"New meets old" as Keli said. You can see the old on the left, and the refurbished straight ahead.

Some of the windows were broken. You really couldn't see in them, but I couldnt resist sticking my camera in and taking a few pictures. (I am really glad nothing grabbed my hand!)

This photo I just find creepy.

Sorry you have to turn your head sideways! We were able to find Jake to get a picture of us together at the hotel. I love it that she is short too!!
Remember Keli - I told you about my ugly Christmas decor? A face only a mother could love? Well, this is him!

After getting back and loading up all our photos - I came across this picture of Dakoda. She must have been 4 years old and already help sanding our first dollhouse.


  1. What fun! Glad you and Keli had such a good time together! And you got a lot of great goodies!
    Lori K.

  2. How fun! I would love to go to an actual mini store!

  3. It looks like you two had a great time! I love the little Raggedy Ann type minis. Hard to find anything in Raggeddy Anns and Andy or even in their style. So when are you two getting together again?

  4. Awww, what nice pictures of our day.

    That is one very interesting Christmas ornament ;)

    I picked up an E for you yesterday while I was out running errands, email me your address so I can send it to you.

  5. Teresa - the best thing about that doll is that she was only a couple dollars! We live 4 hours apart. Maybe next year if we go back to the water park we can meet up again!

  6. Audra! What fun you had!!! Keli gave you some awesome gifts. I love the little "pumpkins" in the plastic container. And how adorable is that giraffe! But the Matryoshka are FANTASTIC!!! The beads you bought are really cute. How awesome to find a bead store with so much mini potential! =)

  7. q hermosa maqueta q hiciste yo no se si me animaria te felicito me anotas para el sorteo