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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kicked to the curb

My mini dad has been living above my garage for 7 years. 
I have had enough.
Even though it is his 76th birthday today, I am kicking him out.

His room before I put all his junk to the curb:

The garage:

Exterior -

I altered the HBS garage kit to give the room more space.

Looks wonky

Back in it's glory, the garage had stairs leading up to the door. 
I had to remove them d/t limited space.

Here is the garage at is stands now.
Don't worry, Dad is getting an upgrade. 
He really shouldn't be climbing the imaginary stairs,
so he is being relocated to a larger, single floor room box.

I removed the height  that I added so the garage won't look so stupid.
The upper exterior will have shaker siding to hide the door cut.

My real life desk is sturdy, but ugly.
Time for a make over.
Flipped it upside down

Did you know that oil base paint takes years to dry?
Fine - so not years, but for an impatient person like myself, it felt like it.
I wanted enamel paint, but I didn't realize it was also oil base.

Looks so much better.

Back in the day, this is how the Glenwood estate looked.

She has gone through a lot of transformations.

A couple problems - besides the ugly base.
Even with the sliders, the house does not move easily on the carpet, and it doesn't fit through the door.
I put a lot of work into the porch roof. Lots of textured spray (and caulk).
I really wanted to remove the roof  in one piece.


Until I kicked the roof and a  shingle flew across the room.

My intention was to remove the house off the base, 
flip base over and add these casters.

With the help from my daughter, the house made it safely to the floor.

Aerial view of base

Once I flipped the base upside down, I realized (like most things I do) 
I didn't' think this through.
Casters were larger than the legs. 

From here it got a little ugly.

Yes, it is ugly, but it is  mine.
I wonder how many mothers think that about their kid?

Once I get the house where it needs to be, I can put a skirt around the base.

I also put some flooring down in the bathroom.
Not very exciting.

Remember a long time ago my holiday corner unit I made?
I really like it, but...
It is really tall. It is easy for short people (like me) to see Santa and Mrs. Clause's room, but then they can't see the Easter kitchen.
Tall people can't see the Clause's room, but they can admire the Easter Kitchen.


(I do have chairs for the table)

Added pictures to the wall.
Still needs crown molding and base boards.


Fourth of July


My original thinking was to scrap the Easter room. I could use the kitchen in my Rye dollhouse/hunters lodge/man pit.

The more I look at the images, I am realizing I would regret scrapping it.
I think I can split the unit into 2. Easter and Fourth of July in one, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas in another. 

How could I forget?
Remember the Victorianna half scale dollhouse kit Greenleaf used to make?
I was lucky enough to get one about 5 or 6 years ago, and haven't seen another since.

Until a few months ago.
I find this in the rough on ebay.
Not to brag, but I offered $75 and got it.

It was newly listed, and I don't think the seller realized she should have declined my offer and wait for a better. I am sure she could have made a lot more.

(image is
 just a screen shot from ebay)


  1. Your title scared me, I thought you were going to kick the Glenwood to the curb!

    1. It has crossed my mind a time or two, but she is my baby. Warts and all.

  2. Love that Thanksgiving scene! The wall art is great! What are you gonna turn the 1/2" scale Victorianna into?

  3. congrats on your great purchase, I hope gramps likes his new living space maybe you can give him a companion like a cat or dog or ..woman :).


    1. Thanks - my Dad has a women and a motorcycle. Plus a awesome daughter! What more could he ask for?