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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Tulips are blooming in Holland, Michigan

Yesterday Dakoda and I did some shopping. Mainly for summer clothes, but we were close enough to a miniature shop for a quick visit.
Close enough?
We are always close enough. I have driven close to 550 miles to get to a mini shop!!

I don't have Chicago quality miniatures that I see my mini friends sharing,  but I have a few odds and end pieces.

I have been to the Wee Dollhouse Shoppe in Holland, MI four or five years ago.
(they don't have a website)

Tulips were blooming!
In the spring Holland, MI puts on a tulip festival. I remember going as a kid with my parents. BF said that we also sang a song in our 3rd grade class about the tulips blooming. I don't remember singing it, but I remember the song - well, one line from the song.  Crap, I can barely remember yesterday. That's a lie.
Dakoda and I had a really good day shopping. For me, the words 'good' and 'shopping' are not used together.
I hate shopping. But this trip I even bought clothes!

But who cares? Lets see the minis! 

I had to have this full scale clog with tulips. Not sure where it will end up. My Glenwood is my pride and joy for my favorite minis, but it is fall themed.
I may have to create a vignette just for the clog.

 For the Rye House/hunting lodge -
A resin bear bench and 2 moose pillows.
The seat on the bench needs to be darker. It doesn't look that bad in the photo, but in reality it is too resin looking instead of wood. I am thinking of painting it brown, then wiping off the paint while it is still wet. It should fit nicely on the porch.
I am not sure where the pillows will be placed. I really could have gotten away with just one, but I couldn't leave the other behind.

This is the only room I have in the house started.

The shop did not have much for half scale. Not a big surprise there. Half scale accessories are hard to come by.
I did find 3 little kittens that can be used as half scale cats.
Again, I really only need two, but I couldn't leave the third one behind and hurt his feelings.
I can paint one black like my full scale cat.

Kittens in the half scale Victorianna.

Full scale cigars and a turtle decoration for the hunting lodge.
Small frames and a child's toy of some sort.

I was not exactly sure what the toys original intentions were, and either was the shop owner. The piece came from an estate. I just wanted the top part.

Fits nicely in the changing table.
I am hoping the glue dries clear. This was a pain to put in. I dropped the little guy a few times. Pure luck that I didn't  lose him.


Now looking at the over all view, I think I should make diapers for that spot and move the little guy to the dresser. 
The nursery is too clean. Need clutter to make it more realistic.

Besides clothes and miniatures, I found this Michigan license plate wall décor at a mall in Grand Rapids. It matches the 1980's license plate collection BF got me. They used to come in the Honey Comb cereal boxes. I am using them as a border in our front room.
That was Dakoda's great idea.
I would like one from Texas. My dad (and friend) live there.

In progress of painting the mini room pink. Moving along slowly. Baseboards next.

I was getting pretty frustrated when I tried to hang my shelves on the wall.
Holding the shelf mostly level while trying to keep the screw on the drill bit was a challenge. I suppose I could have predrilled holes, blah blah blah.

But I did this instead: Dipped the drill bit into some of the wax that all miniaturist have on hand.
The screw stuck right on.
I feel like a genius for that one.

The lower shelf is holding my half scale Lee's Line loot. Those pieces are getting hard to come by and I really love them.

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  1. I LOVE the clogs and Moose pillows (so appropriate!)!!!
    And you are a genius for the wax trick!!!