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Thursday, April 21, 2016

One project at a time - HA!

Moving along on the laundry room box.
Washer and dryer are taped off for a coat of white gloss spray paint.

Need to add some baseboards, pictures and other clutter.
Waste basket with lint and dryer sheets.
Maybe a cat sleeping on the dryer?

Because I want to place the display above my washer and dryer, I had to remove a shelf that was there and patch the wall. Once I get it painted, I can hang it up for good and add things as I go along.

Progress has also been made on my half scale porch. I am really starting to like this kit.

With the HBS 40% off sale, I ordered the half scale Fairfield Component Set. I don't have the Fairfield kit, and have no intentions of getting it, but to have the windows and doors on hand is great.

The exterior door that came with the kit is too tall.

A quick little nip/tuck and it fits like a charm.
Looks good with the windows.

The trim that I removed from the door will make a great half scale shelf.

Here is where I am stuck on finishing. 
I definitely need a railing. Maybe a trellis.
Now accepting suggestions!
Good thing I have multiple projects I am working on to keep me busy while I decide.

Maybe this wicker settee would fit nice?
For the price, I can afford to change it some.

This little watering can with daisies is one of my favorite pieces that I got with my daughter on our trip to HEA last summer.

Why finish my real life laundry room when I have so many other unfinished projects laying around?
(because I only have 2 paint brushes and they are in use)

On to the Rosedale. This little gal has been waiting patiently for a few years for some attention.

I am not 100% sure where I am going with the style of this house, but I do love the paper rock that I got off eBay.
Problem with these windows is that they limit the wall space for my kitchen.

I love this kitchen set that my friend Lori got me a few years back.
Now I can use some of these pieces.
There are a lot more cabinets with this kit than what is shown.

This is my current plan for a layout.  I will have to repaper the exterior to cover the windows.
Right now I am leaning towards keeping the house only in white, grey and black colors -
Like 50 shades of grey?
Um... no. I don't think so.

Other real house projects -
When we got carpet for our living room all the wood floating floor had to be pulled up.
I was pretty peeved at first, but then decided I could use the floor in my mini room.

The floor is finished,  I just need to paint the room pink.
Yes, pink. Not sure why I was drawn to the pink. I am not a pinky type of person, but I like it.

I work in sections (AKA half assed) of the room, of course while bouncing from other interior and exterior projects and minis.

Once I get it painted, I will put in the baseboards and add closet doors.


  1. I like how the door pediment lines up with the window pediments now! That's nice!
    And I vote for Alessio half-inch scale railings/fencing for around the porch! My 2-cents for what it's worth.

    1. Do you know any wonderful mini shops that sell it?

  2. Hhmmm....I think there's a shop in Ashburn, VA that does. It's called Happily ever After or something like that. Lol