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Monday, August 5, 2013

Not much mini time

Over the past week I have been working on my real life house. Repainting a couple areas, and thinking of repainting some more.  Plus I restarted my Zumba classes again. It has been at least 2 years since I have gone. I have missed it.

I managed to get a few bricks painted on Leon's Mansion. Once they are all painted I will need to touch up with white paint, seal them then add the white wash. Almost done with bricks!!
This cabinet was my aunts that recently passed away. She displayed some of her miniatures in this.  It came with only 2 glass shelves, but slots for 4. I bought some wood and made four shelves to display my pieces that are not in use. I painted the end of the hallway white and liked how bright it is so I ended up painting the rest of the hallway later.
Best of all - last week I received a package from Keli. Among a few other things that I did not grab pictures of, she sent me these wonderful jars of food and soap dispensers!! They will look perfect in my Aunts cabin!
Thanks Keli! I LOVE them!!
Here I have some alcohol and a framed antique gun that will also go into my aunts cabin.
A few more pieces in the new display.
Hallway nice and bright painted white!


  1. Great spot for the cabinet,nice & bright and it's definitely a focal point :)

  2. I like the little display! What scale is the kitchen? Cute, cute!!

    1. Thanks - that is my half scale Bespaq kitchen

  3. I like your display for minis.
    Bye, Faby