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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mini Show Finds / Visit with Keli

What a great weekend! I had a lot of fun with Keli. She arrived at my house Friday morning. I gave her the grand tour of my miniature room - and unloaded my trash to be her treasures. My husband took us to lunch then Keli and I picked up Dakoda from school so we could head to the Ann Arbor 3 Blind Mice show.

I will share my goodies  first

A Little More In Miniatures was my favorite table. So much to look at, and the gal was so nice. I spent a lot of time at her table last year also.

Instead of using the cut up a bicycle tire for the park - I saw this mulch and thought it would be so much nicer!

The face will go on my Aunt's cabin that I am making. Reminds me of her.

Hope and Dream will go in my half scale Chantilly.

She also makes custom signs. I would like to have one that read "Blarney House" and the date it was established to add for my Aunt's place.

Half scale bushes

This is an adorable little house front in quarter scale. I did not purchase these, but would like to show them off.  Before I took this picture, another customer picked it up and dropped it!! I believe it is fine, but holly crap! I would have been a little hot, but what do you say?

This is a full scale version of the same house. All the pieces in the yard she had for sale.
Love the potted man!

Another quarter scale kit that she had.

Barbara Meyer (email) has such great details in her work. I went back to her table a few times.
These are are mostly half scale pieces. The fountain will be beautiful on my Victorian mansion.

The black cat with the orange Halloween hat, the bear and the bird feeder will find a home in my Chantilly.
The full scale mouse will go in the wine scene that my friend Lee made me for Christmas.
Nemo is for a full scale fish tank. I don't want to get back into full scale but I love this piece. He will find a home in my bachelor's house (when I make it).

I also picked up this half scale bench with Griffins (had to google 'lion with wings to find the proper name). This will be placed in the Victorian mansions yard.

Amazing details!!

Couple displays that she had at her booth. This quarter scale scene is available as a kit.

She made this quarter scale scene from 2 wooden dowels.

The bottles of booze will go in my Aunt's cabin and the wine will go in my wine box.
I bought these from Sir Thomas Thumb.

The macrame plant hanger is so cool! Flash back to the 70's! I will have that hanging in my Aunt's cabin. The rug will also be in her cabin.

Love the bonsai tree! I will use that in the cabin.

Full scale puppy toy for the Glenwood's attic and the full scale MSU pillow for my sons mini room also in the Glenwood.

These detailed half scale pieces will go in the Victorian mansion.

Adorable poreclin bowl is from Wildwood Miniatures. This is small enough to use as half scale. She also makes smaller and larger pieces.  I have more photos at the bottom of some of their room boxes.

These are absolutely my favorite half scale pieces. I spent a little more on the tea set than what I would have liked, but I knew I would regret it if I passed it up. The Bespaq tea cart was only $25!
Very happy about that find.

On to Dakoda's finds! She did such a good job at the show. Anything that was a big purchase she did find me to see if it was OK. It was her mini money to do with as she pleased. These are her finds:

A violin and chello from Wee Dollhouse Shoppe. Koda will be starting a string instrument (undecided which one yet) this summer.

Overall view of her finds

The beds all came from Wee Dollhouse Shoppe
The guinea pig cage is a Barbra Meyer piece.
I am not sure where she found the rabbit bench.

She was eyeing the piece with the kids but she didn't have enough money. I surprised her with that and the pillow when we got home.

The fairy hanging over the bed is another Barbara Meyer piece. 

Curtains that go with the bedding set

Dakoda bought me this piece. Her plan was to take the bow off and add a wet wipe label to it - but I like it just the way it is!

This is what Keli picked up.  You will have to go check her blog for details on her finds.
I love her Macrame plant better. Should have snuck it out of her bag while she was sleeping!

Couple of over all views of the show.

Keli and Dakoda.
  (Koda wants to color her hair green. Keli helped me pick out supplies to add green highlights)

Keli, Samantha (Koala Sam from Greenleaf forum) and I
(I met up with Sam at last years show when Dakoda and I went with my Aunt)

Keli checking out her goodies. Luna is waiting for her to either drop some of the muffins Dakoda made us for breakfast, or a miniature to chew on.

Saturday after breakfast Keli and I drove to the miniature store 40 minutes away. Besides almost being side swiped on the highway - we had a pretty good time!!

I grabbed a package of lunch meet and some canisters. The smaller ones I will use in half scale.
The shop did have a great kitchen set on clearance - just like my white one in the Glenwood, but stained a darker color. I really would have like to get it for the cabin, but I exceeded my allowance. Bummed. Have never seen that set before. Maybe if I do some extra chores I can save $$ for it!

Here are some pictures of an amazing/different scene from Wildwood Dollhouse and Miniatures

Dark Side of the Moon Antiques and Oddities shop

Some of the impressive items the owner shared with me:
Second shelf down has a little spider in a bottle of what looks like resin water and another jar has a baby scorpion skeleton.
The skeleton that looked to me like a prehistoric animal was a chipmunk.

The necklace in the window is made from the chipmunks teeth

Quarter scale scene

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to share some pictures of our treasures in their new home!


  1. Hi there! Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures! We have no such thing as miniature shops or shows in Russia so just to look at the photos is pure pleasure!

    1. No miniature shops!? How do you do it? :)

  2. Yay!!! Looks like you had a great time! :D Hugs!

  3. I had a great time, thanks for being a fabulous hostess :)

    1. Me too! Start saving your pennies for next year!!

  4. I just love The Three Blind Mice Shows! Went last month to the one in Chicago. Lovely things...lovely dealers. Congrats on your great finds. It must be awesome to have a daughter to share the hobby with. The Almighty sent me two boys (now grown men) who think their mother's hobby is a hoot, but have always been supportive.
    Have a great week,

    1. I have good boys that smile and nod and pretend that they are interested for me. Koda and I do have fun. I work on them, while she plays with them.

  5. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures. I love all your fantastic buys. You got a lot of wonderful items.
    Hugs Maria