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Sunday, December 2, 2012

What am I getting myself into?

Friendly or not - I am not very good at contest. After I see some of the  other work is being entered, I wonder what am I doing? There really is nothing special about the Chantilly. Adorable little house from the outside, but the inside is just awkward space.

Before we go inside, we can peek at the exterior. What a mess. My intention was to brick in paper clay. If this were a full scale house, it would not have been a problem. Because it is half scale I decided to go another route.

Using spackle, I covered some sections of the front and added some texture for a stucco look.

I had some plastic white flowers from Michael's that are just the perfect size for dabbing in the spackle to give it a stuck appearance. Not only will I do the exterior, but also the peaks of the interior.

For more floor space in the living room and bedroom, I removed the stair case. Love that case - can use that in a future build.

Hole filled in and I added a new hole in the right corner. My plan *fingers crossed* is that I can make a half scale spiral staircase to go here.  I am also trying to make the flat roof a peak also. This is where my frustration lies.

Use your imagination here - vision if you will a larger open floor plan on the second level. We can say that this was an old country home that has started to be renovated some.

In the back left corner will be a bathroom - where the horizontal purple line is and 'bathroom' is written in. I didn't want it close off, as I have picked out some cute paper for this room, but you will be able to see it through the doorway and window.

Maybe a little dresser (drawn on the wall)

Rough - very rough - idea of what I am trying to plan. I will have to adjust the dormers and add some support beams so the roof does not cave in on the gal that is residing here.

Last night when I was trying to photograph, my cat kept setting herself in front of the house.  My peanut gallery thought that was hilarious!


  1. veo que con algunas dificultades sigues reformando esta casita , creo que estas haciendo muy buen trabajo y estoy deseando ver el resultado



  2. It looks like a lot more than a makeover. It's amazing that it's still standing, but I think everything you've done so far is an improvement, definitely!

    Isn't it wonderful how hilarious the things we do seem to our offspring? At least it makes them laugh, not cry!

  3. wow, that looks like a lot of work ahead of you. I am doing a revamp too, but restricting myself to trimming the house and finishing 2 rooms for the challenge. Looking forward to seeing your work. And I love peanut gallery and kitty photos, so show them all (please!?)

  4. I like the stucco in the vaulted ceiling's a great texture overall. You're off to a great start! :D

  5. You can do it Audra! We will all support each other..hugs J xx

  6. Ciao ..!!! Bellissimo il tuo blog!!! Mi piace questo tuo lavoro ...bravissima ... ti seguo con piacere!!!!

    Se passi a trovarmi sei invitata al mio give away natalizio :) ..!!!