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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Minis!!

These are the things my hubby bought me:

A half scale Victorian mansion dollhouse kit. It is a laser cut and tab/slot assembly. I like the kit, but it is not going together as smoothly as I had hoped. (more pics below)
This kit that will be a bachelor man pad

Love these ACME fridge magnets. Perfect for half scale houses. Hard to find, so he bought  me 3.
Will need one more house for the last fridge!

This flooring for the Victorianna kitchen

These came as a lot off of ebay. I was watching them and was bummed because someone bought them. Didn't realize it was my husband!

A little bag and brush set

A PINK x-acto knife (and blades)

Tape and glue

LOTS of channel molding, base boards and crown molding.

2 sets of tiles for my Easter scene. Should have extra to use in Koda's bungalow too.

A leg lamp!!!

Dakoda picked out this little doll for me (for the Smurf)

and the Smurf car!

My mother-n-law bought me this Lee's Line crib and dresser and a gift card to Happily Ever After.

My friend Lee made this perfect little shadow/room box. At first I was stumped for ideas, but she gave me suggestions. I am going to order a cheese and wine set to sit on the barrel. Maybe a mouse trap in the right hand corner. Some wine bottles to sit in the nook. I was thinking maybe making a shelf for wine glasses to hang upside down up the bottles. I need to think that one over. Cool posters, grapes hanging...

My friend Julie sent me this Lee's Line half scale chair (that was safely wrapped in MULTIPLE boxes, a half scale pie...

and a bottle of wine. Needed that after opening all those boxes!

I did get some mini work accomplished.
Sprayed my kitchen counter for the Victorianna

Plus papered the floor with my new paper and set up my kitchen.

So this is the start of the Victorian mansion.
After looking at it closely, I saw that 2 of the walls were slightly taller than the others. That is why my ceiling/second didnt fit so well. Easy enough fix with a box cutter. Currently the second floor is back off (unlike the photo). It will be easier to decorate with more of the open space. I believe this is what Brae did when she built her Newport.
The troubles would not have stopped me from buying the kit, nor keep me from buying from them again.

Love the details!

Lots of pieces that are clearly labeled.

Trying to hold down the left side now

After all that work - I decided my new Bespaq kitchen would not fit well in the space provided. Time to add on before we even begin!

Just extended the floor on the right so it is a straight wall and not as much of a bay.

Will have to make a new wall on the right exterior.

There will be a small space behind the kitchen that won't be easily accessible. Not sure what to put there yet. Suggestions?

My kids this morning.

Their 'big' present - little Luna.


  1. Merry Christmas! Luna is adorable. Love the house!

  2. What a great booty you got for Christmas! Enjoy enjoy in 2013!