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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Distracted by minis!

Instead of working on my minis - I should really be working on my real house. Would like to put it on the market and need to tidy it up before the realtor comes over to tell us it is not worth what we owe. How is that for optimistic?

With the extra hour from the time change - I justified some mini time.
Stained the sdk bunk bed and easily put that together.

My plan for the third floor was this:

But that leaves little room to the back corner in the boys room. Also that top bunk is dangerously close to the stairwell.

I could let it go, but in the long run it will bother me. I need to replace that wall and move the door to the back corner.

But then the canopy won't fit nice in the girls room. Notice how my paper I printed is yellow? Might as well fix that while I am changing things.

If I take the canopy off, there will be more room.

Still trying to arrange my sdk kitchen. Instead of the magnet stove, I will make a stove from the kit and put in the middle section on the back wall. I will also have to  make a fridge to fit where the stove is now. Happily Ever After has the rectangle Lee's Line table for me and four white chairs to match. Maybe I should get six?? We'll see.


  1. Well, at least you're looking on the bright side. XD

    The bunk bed looks great! I'm right here with you...procrastinating. :D

  2. Great job on the bunkbed. Glad the kids won't be falling down the stairs now. LOL